Amazing Avocado Lunch!

My name is Kerry and I’m addicted to avocados.

There, I’ve said it. I really am addicted to them. I eat one everyday and since doing so, I’ve seen a lot of changes in my body. My hair is shinier, my skin is glowing and my tummy just seems to be smiling on the inside. I’m a runner so need lots of energy foods and avocados boost my energy tenfold.  

Today I wanted to share my lunch with you. It’s quick and simple to make, but will make you feel wonderful. The base is rye bread, I use this one. 

It has a certain sweetness to it, I think it’s coming from the pumpkin seeds. I get it from Tesco. Rye bread is a brilliant substitute for normal bread. I find bread very difficult to eat as it hurts my stomach and leaves me bloated and useless. Rye bread is wheat free and contains as much as four times the fibre than standard white bread contains. It also helps you stay full for longer, so having it for breakfast is a good idea. 

I top my rye with sliced avocado. Avocados really are, what you’d call a superfood! They are incredibly nutritious and contain many vitamins – vitamin K, C, B5, B6 and E. They also contain potassium – even more than bananas! They can lower your cholesterol too. 

On top of the avocado, I sprinkle on some hot smoked paprika, pepper, lime juice (if you’re feeling fancy!) and dried chilli flakes. I love a bit of heat with avocado and chillies are another obsession of mine. I have over ten different types of chilli plant growing in my living room and kitchen!  

I have also been adding a really cool ingredient to this dish recently called Smokin’ Coconut Pecks and they’re made by a company called Inspiral. They’re crunchy air dried coconut pieces which have a smoked paprika and lime flavouring on them. I got them in my Vegan Kind box this month, which you can buy here


Here’s what the finished dish looks like. It’s simple, but very good for you and filling. Let me know what you think!  



2 Comments Add yours

  1. abbygilkey says:

    The flavor combination sounds so interesting I would love to try this! I always used to snack on coconut chips lol


  2. Sue Rabong says:

    interesting to read, Kerri! i have the same feelings with bread, so might try the rye bread.Avocados are delicious!


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