How to: The Perfect Nude Ombré Lips Using NYX Lip Lingerie and Barry M Lip Liner

I was excited to give nude ombre lips a go as I have a nice little collection of nude matte lipsticks now. (I also have ombre hair and want to match my lips to it – so cool!) 

For this look I used:

  • Barry M Lip Liner – 17 Blush 
  • NYX Lip Lingerie – Bedtime Flirt 
  • NYX Lip Lingerie – Push-Up 

The key to achieving this look is to blend, blend, blend! At each stage, gently rub your lips together to blend the colours together, eliminating any harsh lines for a more natural look. 
I began by lightly brushing some of my foundation over my lips for a smoother base to work with. 

Next I lined my lips with Barry M Lip Liner in 17 Blush. I then filled it in slightly. 

I next applied the lighter colour of NYX Lip Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt to the inner parts of my lips. You can already see the ombre beginning to take shape! Remember to blend now

The final step is to apply NYX Lip Lingerie in Push-Up to the centre of the lips and blend again. Here’s what it looks like when complete – 

What do you think of the ombre Lip trend? Have you had a go before and do you have a photo to share? 

Kerry x

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