Beauty Product Review – Miss Yifi Rainbow Highlight 

Whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed a few months back my eyes were drawn to a post about ‘Rainbow Highlight’. Oh Hello unicorns, mermaids, dragons and anything remotely mystical! I did my research and saw that the photo was of a product by Bitter Lace Beauty. I hunted them down on Etsy and realised at this point it would be near impossible for me to get my hands on their beautiful Prism Rainbow blush. This stuff sells out almost instantly and the waiting period is months long. 

So what did I do? I turned to good ol’ eBay and searched ‘Rainbow Highlight’. Results returned this one by Miss Yifi

I ordered myself one and sat back for a couple of weeks as it had to be delivered from China. For just under £7 it’s a fraction of the price of the Bitter Lace Beauty one. 

I’ve got to say, it does have a much more subtle impact than the BLB one, but I like that. I was applying it with a brush but it really wasn’t working, but after reading this post by Lima of Fashionicide where she suggests to use your finger instead of a brush, my rainbow highlight game has changed forever! 

Now I know it’s a massive risk to buy a little known product and slap it straight onto my face, but I did research Miss Yifi and they are relatively well know in the deep, dark depths of the beauty world. I’ve noticed no skin issues so far either. Touch wood.  

To be honest, I’m not one to rock up to Tesco with a rainbow on my cheek, but I would definitely wear it on a rare night out. Instead I use it as a eyeshadow or mix the colours together to create a lovely multi-tonal highlight. 

Have you managed to bag a rainbow highlighter yet? Are you brave enough to wear it? 

Right, I’m off to ride my unicorn – see ya! 

Kerry x

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  1. A couple of months ago I even read a post of a blogger who made her own rainbow highlight. I think these highlighters look amazing, but I wouldn’t be brave enough to buy and actually one.


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