Join Me On My Journey – Week 4

Well this week hasn’t been anything to shout about! I debated whether to write and share this post – but what good would it do me if I buried my head in the sand? 

Things went off track in all aspects this week. I was doing my HIIT training on Monday and managed to twist my knee. I had an operation on my knee a few years ago, as I had a torn cartilage, so it’s never been quite right since. It was very painful which then meant I couldn’t go running. Luckily the Body Coach has made some HIIT videos which are easy on the knees, so I was able to do this. 

So unfortunately, when something goes wrong in my exercise, I then let it go wrong in my food choices! It was my husband’s birthday on Tuesday and I told myself I wanted to enjoy the day with him and eat what I really fancied when we went out to lunch. This was fine, but I then let it effect the rest of my week! I really did lose control – not something I want to go into too much detail over. However, I did mange to make a few Lean in 15 recipes and here are some new ones – 

As you can see, I use a lot of Quorn instead of meat. I’m not a vegetarian, I just prefer Quorn! I also add chillies wherever I can too. I love spicy things and they’re excellent at speeding up your metabolism. 

I’m writing this on the Monday of week 5. I’m in the right frame of mind again. I’m ready to run again and treat my body like it deserves to be treated. I have many lovely recipes planned, so will take many photos again! Remember you can find me on Twitter at – @sparkle_kerry or Instagram on – @sparkle.with.kerry Make sure you give me a follow! I also really appreciate your encouragement. 

See you next week! 

Kerry x

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