Budget Beauty – The Poundland Make-up Challenge! 

This weekend I set myself a Budget Beauty challenge. This time I decided to shop at Poundland and see if I could do a whole face of make-up for under £10. Was it possible? Here’s what I bought – 

I spent a grand total of £8 and managed to get products for every part of my face. Poundland’s make-up range is called Make Up Gallery. Without meaning to sound too snobby, I wouldn’t normally even glance at the make-up section in Poundland as it’s not normally a shop I would associate with buying make-up from. However, I’ve been having a play with the products I purchased today and I must say that I’m very impressed. Here’s a run-through of the look I created and the ratings I have for each product.

Foundation – Make Up Gallery Gorgeous Flawless Long Lasting Foundation

I wasn’t able to get the foundation shade which was close to my skin tone, so had to get a shade darker. I was very impressed with the creamy texture of this product and the coverage from the small amount I squeezed onto my hand (pictured below) was fantrastic. I applied it with my Real Techniques foundation brush.

Make Up Gallery Gorgeous Flawless Long Lasting Foundation – Rating 3/5

Eyes – Make Up Gallery Glide Away Eyeshadow Stick, Chick Flick Eyeliner and Never-Ending Story Lengthening Mascara

I chose eye make-up with the theme of a night out in mind. I went for the shimmery eyeshadow stick (shade unknown, sorry!) and a glittery eyeliner. 

As you can see, the eyeshadow swatches beautifully. Being completely honest, the eyeliner was quite difficult to use. The applicator brush was teeny and difficult to get much product onto. 

Below you will see photos of the completed look, which I was very pleased with. I used the eyeshadow stick all over my lid and in the water line to open up my eyes. I applied a tiny amount of the eyeliner along my lash line.

I love the name of the mascara! So sweet! This mascara has excellent staying power.I am always concerned about panda eyes so usually wear waterproof mascaras. However I didn’t have any issues at all. It also did as it said and definitely made my eyelashes look longer. It is a conditioning formula which contains panthenol and keratin. Here’s the finished eye look –

Make Up Gallery Glide Away Eyeshadow Stick – Rating 3/5

Chick Flick Eyeliner – Rating 2/5

Never-Ending Story Lengthening Mascara – Rating 3/5

Concealer – Make Up Gallery Hide & Chic Concealer Natural Coverage 

This is the lightest shade Ivory. It went into the skin smoothly and blended well when I used my beauty blender. I used it under the eyes and on blemishes. 

Rating – 4/5

Cheeks – Make Up Gallery Good to Glow Highlighter and Feeling Blush Blusher

As you will probably know by now, I absolutely love a good highlighter and this one is just fantastic! It is highly pigmented and beautifully glowy. I applied it to the high points of my face with a blusher brush.

Rating – 5/5

The blusher is gorgeous too and a little goes a long way. It’s the shade Coral Rose and is the perfect shade for this season. It will be featured again in my upcoming Autumn make-up post.

Rating – 5/5

Lips – Make Up Gallery Pout Matters Matt Lip Colour

I went for the shade vintage pink as I felt it went beautifully with the other products. As you can see, it swatched beautifully.

It has a very creamy texture and the brush makes it easy to apply. I absolutely adore the shade and know that it will be a staple item this Autumn. It has good staying power until I ate, but a quick top up solved that problem.

Rating – 4/5

Everything on my face in the photo above is from Poundland (apart from my eyebrows where I used Rimmel London Brow This Way).

Overall I’m very pleased with my purchases from Poundland. To be able to do a whole face of make-up for only £8 is amazing. It just goes to show that make-up doesn’t always have to break the bank to be any good. I’m absolutely in love with a few of the products here and can’t wait to experiment some more with them. That highlighter is just on point!

You can buy from Poundland and Make Up Gallery here

Kerry x

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