Guest Post ~ Glossybox Unboxing – October 2016

Hello my lovelies!

In this series, I will be sharing with you the gorgeous goodies from my Glossybox subscription boxes, with my honest opinion of the products received.

Glossybox – what is that all about?

I’ve always loved makeup and beauty products. That is no secret. I also love trying new brands and products, but having a mild addiction to the beauty counters at department stores means my bank account often takes a hammering, and it can be hard to find products that I am happy to part with the best part of £40 for. I have been subscribed to Glossybox for over a year now and absolutely love it! Every month I receive a little gift from me in the mail with 5 luxe beauty products, three of which are full sized, mostly from brands I’ve never heard of or have seen before, for only £10 (plus £3.95 for postage). You try out your products and them submit a review for each one on their website and collect Glossydots, which, once you have enough, you can use to purchase products from the store (which are usually 5-10% discounted) or use them to pay for a months box – if you do all the surveys this usually adds up to around one box a year free.

So whats in this month’s box?

This month’s box was inspired by Beauty and Lifestyle blogger Estee Lalondee, who has teamed up with glossybox to bring us her favorite new and old products. We also got a mystery sixth product, but Ill tell you more about that later.

Here it is! Isn’t it gorgeous. I love the boxes, and I often save the limited edition ones because they are too beautiful to throw away.all my Christmas presents to family and friends end up in glossyboxes, and pinterest has provided many up-cycling projects to re-use them.

So lets jump into the products:

PS…PRO Mattifying Primer – RRP £5

I love primer. A decent matte primer is one of the hardest things to find these days, and I rarely stray from my Soap and Glory or my Tarte primers, because I’ve tried many a “drug store” product and ended up with red blotchy skin, or its just not done anything and I still shine like a diamond (in the wrong sense of the word) and my make up does not stay on my face. oh the many woes of being an oily skinned gal! I tried out this primer on a day at work under my usual foundation and make up routine, and I was pleasantly surprised. It held my foundation on all day for the most part, I still looked a little oily on my forehead and nose but that is just part of life. It has a really butter like consistency and I didn’t break out or have red skin at the end of the day.


When I looked at where this was from I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Primark. and Its £5! The best part is that it  which means it it and its ingredients are not tested on animals.

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait – RRP £12.95

Usually if a product has cute packaging I’m pretty much sold on it, and this lippie is no exception. It goes on like butter and the color is gorgeous, a really beautiful flush of pink. This gorgeous lippie is infused with vitamin E to keep your lips soft and moisturized and the color payoff is to die for. I am a sucker for a nude lip so this will definitely get used! I had a sneaky peak on their website and I wont spoil it for you, because you have to go look at these products yourself but I’m sorry bank card, you may well get used on here. Another cruelty free brand too, which means your kisses will be cruelty free ❤


Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse OR – RRP £34

I’ve never ever used a product like this before. Sure I’ve used hair oil, but this oil claims to be for, hair, face and body.. I love a multi tasking product. This beautiful shimmery oil is a blend of plant oils and vitamin E which add moisture and softens your skin, with a beautiful golden glow which doesn’t look like a glitter explosion, so don’t panic of you intend to use this on your face! I used it after the gym one evening and my skin felt soft and gorgeous, a perfect after workout treat. I used it in my hair too and it gave it a beautiful glow and on my arms, which would be perfect to show off a holiday tan – I cant wait to use this when we go on holiday. The fragrance isn’t overpowering, a beautiful light summertime scent to take you back to the beach…



Universal Beauty Cosmetics Secret Flush – RRP £15

Another awesome multi tasking product, this is a cream blusher and lip stain duo which has ah-ma-zing color payoff! This has gone straight into my make up bag in my handbag for the days I go for a run on my lunch break, as sometimes I have been described as looking a little peaky after lunch – not cute. I used it on my lips as a cute pink lip stain and added it to my cheeks for a pop of color. This product is sold out on their website so I was very lucky to get a full sized one in my box. Universal Beauty Cosmetics is another cruelty free, ethical cosmetics company with a real emphasis on empowering its customer to embrace their beauty and what makes them unique – beauty with purpose is my favorite thing.


Bee Good Honey and Camellia Facial Exfoliator – £10.50

After face masks I thinks exfoliator is my absolute favorite part of my skincare regime. Because I have oily, sensitive, spot prone skin, like to exfoliate and mask three times a week, and finding an exfoliator that is gentle on my sensitive skin, gets rid of oil, and adds moisture is not an easy feat for anyone to find. This exfoliator covers most of this though. It made my skin feel incredibly soft and moisturized, but it didn’t feel gritty enough for me, but maybe that’s just because my usual exfoliator is pretty gritty. It does smell amazing and my skin did feel gorgeous afterwards. Its packed with all the best natural ingredients, such as lavender, wheatgerm oil and propolis. Its another cruelty free product, and made with all British ingredients.


And for the secret product….

I have no idea what brand this is.This month all Glossies were sent a mystery hair care product to test out. This product has recently undergone a make over in the packaging and the formula and us lucky Glossies are the testers!

I think, from the smell it’s Head and Shoulders. Because I have a sensitive scalp and my hair is colored I don’t think I’ll be using this, the last time I used a drug store shampoo it made my scalp flake like it was snowing, so I’ll stick with my usual shampoo though. If you want to find out who it is head over to for the big brand reveal on the 18th October.


If you want to try out glossybox for yourself, head over to the website and sign up. There’s no minimum commitment, and you can cancel at any time. Besides, who doesn’t love a little treat every month?

Until next time


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  1. Just My Look says:

    Great post, I’m quite jealous, some of your products were alot better than mine!x


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