Baby Sensory Treasure Basket

Last week my friend Emily and I took our baby girls to a first-time parenting class. There we were told about different ways to play with your baby. We were shown gorgeous sensory treasure baskets, which contained everyday items you can find around your home.

The idea of the treasure basket was created by Elinor Goldschmied, a child psychologist. They are excellent for stimulating brain development in babies and help encourage independence in children.

That night I went online and found a lady and her daughter who make and sell theseย baskets. I ordered one straightย away because I just knew my baby J would love one.

Here’s what I received –

It contains various items like a wooden spoon, fabric, a photo album, metal egg cup, ball, scrunchie, etc.

Today I set up a play area for J and sat her on it with the basket. The TV was switched off and the room free from distractions.

A quick note – please ignore some of the blurriness in the photos, my baby is way too fast for me to catch her on camera sometimes!

I held the items up for her to look at and then held the basket near her so she could pull one out. She’s only three and a half months old, so her hand-eye coordination isn’t quite there yet.

J picked out the wooden spoon first and loved chewing on it. She’s beginning to teeth, so it must have felt lovely on her gums.

Next was the feather. I ran it over J’s face and she pulled the cutest little faces! She tried to grab it with her hands and it made her smile a lot.The colour of it caught her eye from the start.

With most of the items, J enjoyed putting them in her mouth!

This metal egg cup was also popular. I tapped it with the wooden spoon for a reverberating chime sound. J was really intrigued by this and wanted to hold the cup herself.

Here are a few more objects J enjoyed holding/chewing/playing with –

All in all I highly recommend organising a baby sensory treasure basket for your little one. You can always put one together yourself, or buy oneย here.

How do you play with your baby? Did you enjoy my first parenting post? Let me know!

Kerry and J x

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