Beauty Product Review – Makeup Revolution Blush Palette ~ Blush Queen

Today I wanted to tell you about my other blush palette purchase. Last week I let you in on the Golden Sugar palette by Makeup Revolution and many people were impressed with the gorgeous shades. Well I think you’ll be just as impressed with this palette!

Once again, we have eight pigmented shades here. They are a combination of highlighters and blushers. I have numbered them for you to make identifying the swatches easier.

The first four shades are perfect highlighters. They have a lovely shimmer to them and what I would normally go for myself. I took the photo in natural light, without a flash. 

Shades five to six are much more pigmented and more ideally to be used as blushers. they are stunning colours and you need very little product on your brush to get beautiful impact on your cheeks. Shade five in particular could easily double up as an eyeshadow!

Here’s the look I went for –

I used –

  • Shade 1 as a highlighter along the top of my cheekbones
  • Shade 3 on the apples of my cheeks
  • Shade 4 of the very centre of the apples of my cheeks to add extra highlight

You can bu the palette from Makeup Revolution here for only £6.

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  1. livilovessite says:

    There’s so much variety 😄

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