Book Review – Hurrah for Gin by Katie Kirby

Having given birth to my daughter only four months ago, I am well aware that there are many funny, frustrating, tear-jerking and proud moments ahead of us. I watch her grow into a beautifully cheeky girl with a brilliant little personality every day. With this in mind, I regularly scour the internet looking for mummy blogs to prepare myself and seek advice for things to come.

I found the blog Hurrah for Gin by Katie Kirby through Instagram. Her hilarious anecdotes are accompanied by simple but extremely effective stick drawings. The first post I read was about Katie spending the night making a homework project for her children, only to find out the next day when she took it into school, that they had told her the wrong thing to make. It actually made me laugh so much that I was in tears! I’m not exaggerating – she really is hilarious!

I pre-ordered her book ‘Hurrah for Gin’ on Amazon and waited with excitement. I have not been disappointed! It’s a truly poignant, witty and honest account of parenthood. 

Katie takes you from pregnancy to her children starting school. Each chapter is titled like it would be in a guide book, but this is no guide book! A lot of advice is given with a splash of gin or other alcoholic beverage. 

As you can see from the image above, the book is a laugh a minute with these fantastic sketches. It has to be said though that Katie Kirby does share some emotional moments which I won’t give away, but she tells them beautifully and they add a real balance to the humour often thrown our way.

The picture below is from one of my favourite chapters which includes a section on Milestone Cards. I am guilty of using these myself every time Baby J does something and Katie’s take on them had me in hysterics!

Another favourite chapter of the book is the one on dads. She even asked her husband to write a segment, which really made me stop and think about how my husband must be feeling. In your mummy and baby bubble, it is easy to forget what a whirlwind things must be for your partner. Katie’s husband puts this across perfectly.

Overall, I loved this book. It is brutally honest – which not everyone will appreciate – but at the root of it all it is clear that Katie loves her children, even if they do drive her crazy! I recommend this book to both mummys and daddys alike of babies, toddlers, teenagers or fully grown humans! There are things we can all relate too.

Buy Hurrah for Gin by Katie Kirby from Amazon here.

Kerry x

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