Romantic Bear Peel Off Lip Tints

I’m a sucker for fads. I like to try things that make the daily beauty routine a bit more fun. I’d seen peel off lip tints all over the internet so decided to buy a set.

These are the Romatic Bear peel off lip tints. Seeing that they were by an unknown brand called Romantic Bear should have been warning enough not to have hit the ‘Complete Purchase’ button. You can buy them for a cheap price on eBay or Wish, etc. As you can see the range comes in pinks, oranges and reds.

I picked out the shade ‘Sexy Red’ today under the illusion that it would live up to its name. I mean, who can turn down looking sexy, right?

When you squeeze the tube a sticky red gunk emerges – at this point I was already terrified and regretting ‘Sexy Red’ and my purchases all together.

I applied the product to my lips (rather badly I may add) and waited for the sticky mess to dry. I waited a long time, it never dried.

Sorry for the absolutely hideous photo below.I didn’t plan on taking a photo whilst I removed the product, but it was too good an opportunity to miss! Here I am trying to peel the product from my lips (and failing).

After a traumatic 15 minutes and my daughter looking at me and crying in sympathy, I finally managed to removed all the product from both my lips and teeth. No, it’s not supposed to go on your teeth, but mine managed to migrate there! Here’s a photo of me trying to pose with dried out, semi red lips, or should I say ‘Sexy Red’ (ha!) lips.

It did work, to an extent, but it really wasn’t worth the effort. I was also left with red stained fingers which made me look like I’d committed a very badly concealed murder.

My final verdict – absolute FAD!

Kerry x

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