Beauty Product Review – FREEDOM House of Glam Dolls ~ Fairy Doll Palette 

What’s that you say? A magical themed face palette, especially aimed at those seeking the face of a fairy? Count me in! Introducing the FREEDOM House of Glamdolls Fairy Doll Look Palette

This palette contains four brow powders, three powder highlighters, ten powder eyeshadows, two powder blushers and four lipsticks. Below are swatches of the eyeshadows (minus ‘light’ and ‘jet’).

Here I have swatched the four lip colours –

The bottom lip shade ‘spell’ is a lovely iridescent tone which can be used over the other colours for a bit of shimmer.

The palette also came with a look guide, which I had a go at today. Here’s the result on the eyes –

And the cheeks and lips –

To create the look:

Apply foundation, concealer, etc as you would normally do

  1. Use ‘starlight’ to highlight the brow bone
  2. Cover the whole eyelid in ‘light’
  3. Place ‘sorcery’ over the mobile lid
  4. Use ‘glade’ on the inner eye and blend out
  5. Put ‘bloom’ and ‘petal’ in the crease and blend
  6. Define under the eye with ‘bloom’ and ‘ash’ 
  7. Add ‘pure’ beneath the brow for extra WOW!
  8. Contour using ‘nature’ to define cheeks and ‘starlight’ to highlight
  9. Use ‘flutter’ as a blusher
  10. Mix ‘enchant’ and ‘spell’ on the lips and the look is complete!

This palette is a bargain at £8.00 and brilliant for those just getting into make-up. There are many looks just waiting to be created with this product.

Some of the eyeshadows are super pigmented, as you can see from the swatches, but some are a bit subtle. The lip colours have longevity and are good colours for an everyday look.

You can buy the palette from Makeup Revolution here.

Kerry x

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