Budget Beauty – Aldi Lacura Beauty ~ 3D Effect Mascara

I have seen a lot of good things online about Aldi Lacura Beauty recently. I am a member of a beauty conversation group on Facebook and the mascaras by the supermarket have been a hot topic of conversation. I went out yesterday and bought the 3D Effect Mascara and the Magic Curl Mascara. Today’s review is of the 3D Effect Mascara.

Just look at that brush!

The mascara packaging claims that it will give your eyelashes ‘curve, fullness and length. Three dimensional perfection’.

In the photo below I have applied the mascara to just one eye.

What a result! I am so impressed with this mascara, it glides onto the lashes beautifully and hasn’t smudged at all today. I did apply powder under my eyes to set my concealer though, so not sure how it would perform without this. 

My lashes definitely look longer and fuller, especially my bottom lashes. 

Here’s a before and after photo, just to show how fabulous this mascara really is!

The Lacura Beauty 3D Effect Mascara is available in Aldi stores and costs an incredible £2.49! It is a very lightweight formula which means my lashes don’t sag down throughout the day and have kept the lovely curl the mascara helped produce. 

Have you tried any Aldi Lacura Beauty products?

Coming tomorrow, a review of the Aldi Lacura Beauty Magic Curl Mascara

Kerry x


Here are some brilliant photos I received from Leanne using this mascara after reading my recommendation. I love seeing your photos based on my recommendations, so please send them in! 

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