Budget Beauty – Aldi Lacura Beauty ~ Magic Curl Mascara

Yesterday I reviewed the Aldi Lacura Beauty 3D Effect Mascara and today it’s the Aldi Lacura Beauty Magic Curl Mascara! This mascara is also priced at £2.49.

The packaging is really cute, with a lovely sky blue bottle with a pink eye print on it. This mascara has a curved brush as pictured below. 

I applied the mascara to one eye first, so you could see the difference. I have the world’s shortest eyelashes as you can see below!

And here it is finished on both eyes!

Before and after –

Now it’s time to be honest! For a brilliant £2.49 this is a great start out mascara. You can’t really go wrong for that price. It is easy to apply and the brush has a brilliant curve to it which lifts the lashes. However, you need to apply a lot of product to achieve any impact. I also found that little bits broke off during the day and settled under my eyes (just the look I was going for). The curl didn’t last either and my lashes started to sag. The 3D Effect Mascara definitely had a better, more lightweight formula.

Out of the two I recommend yesterday’s Aldi Lacura Beauty 3D Effect Mascara and not this one.

Kerry x

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