Primark PS… Ombre Lips in Love Bite

Here we go again, another Fab or Fad post! Once again, I’m sticking with the lips and this time it’s the Primark PS… Ombre Lips in the shade Love Bite. 

At only Β£2, this mini palette filled me with a combination of excitement, intrigue and fear of the unknown. I’m always up for getting creative with my makeup and have previously posted about how to create ombre lips, but haven’t reviewed a kit before. The colours were pretty scary too! 

Keeping my enthusiasm high and my attitude positive, I set to work. I did my full face of makeup  and set a base on my lips. As per the very detailed (not!) instructions, I lined my lips with the darkest shade. 

*Note the half smile on my lips and how this fades along the process/photos*

Once I’d picked myself up off of the floor, it was time for shade two… 

What a beautiful mess. Shade three really was the cherry on top. 

This product is nasty! It’s a nightmare to apply, it’s patchy and I really don’t know who it would look good on! 

Here’s a picture of me trying to look cool with it on my mouth and failing horrifically. 

And now for my verdict, is it any surprise? – FAD! 

Yuck, yuck and double yuck! Don’t buy it. Primark do some really awesome makeup (like the mascara I previously reviewed) and makeup tools. I am so disappointed by this product. I’m hoping to salvage it by using the lighter colour on it’s own, or maybe using it next Halloween as part of a zombie get up. 

Kerry x

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