The Amazing Adventure Begins by Pauline Mallard

Front Cover.jpgThis is the debut children’s book from Pauline Mallard. Pauline has been writing children’s stories since 2011, when she retired.

This book is about a young rabbit named Five, who is flying the nest with a positive attitude to new adventures. Along his journey he meets other field animals, who become his friends and join him on his life quest. The animals get into all sorts of scrapes and mishaps and Five is always on hand to help and support them.

A little rabbit called Five was lying in his bed dreaming of seeing the world. The more he dreamed about it the more excited he felt. “Yes,” he thought, “this is what I am going to do. What an adventure it’s going to be.”


The story has fantastical elements, such as the fairies and the Fairy Queen. These are a lovely The Fairy Queen.png addition to the story, and will keep children guessing as to why the fairies keep popping up along Five’s adventure.

The story has so many wonderful messages across all the chapters. Five learns about friendship, trust and loyalty. He experiences fear and bravery and has many new experiences. These elements make this a fantastic book to read with your child. It is quite a long picture book at 43 pages, so can be enjoyed over a week as a bedtime story.

The book is aimed at 3-8 year old children and could be enjoyed independently by children older than this. If you’re a teacher, like myself, this book is perfect to read to your class and a lot of written and art tasks could be developed in lessons from this. I’d love to see a poem based around it!

Fox and Badger.pngThe illustrations are heavily influenced by Beatrix Potter and are absolutely beautiful. They are by Carole Gordon.

To purchase the book just visit Amazon here. It is £6.99 and would make a lovely Christmas present for that special child in your life. I’m really looking forward to sharing this with Baby J when she’s a bit older, we already have her nursery in a  woodland theme, so this book will really get her imagination running wild!

Do you have a book you’d like me to read and review?

Kerry x


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