Beauty Product Review – Yurily Glam Up Your Lips Glitter Lips

With Christmas just over a week away, glitter is currently a staple item in my life. If it’s not on my hair or body or clothing, then it will definitely be making an appearance on my face. I’ve seen glitter lips ALL OVER the internet and decided to have a go at them myself. I purchased this Yurily Glam Up Your Lips Glitter Lips Kit.

It’s in the shade ‘Barbie Glam‘. I didn’t want too festive a colour as let’s be honest, glitter lips are for life, not just for Christmas. I wanted something I could use all year round.

Here’s how the kit works –

  1. Part your lips and apply the lip glue. I applied this to half a lip at a time as it dries quite quickly. Wait for the glue to turn from white to clear.

2. Next, apply the glitter using a slightly damp sponge tipped applicator (provided)

And you’re done! Looking more shimmery than your Christmas tree!

I have a Christmas party to go to tomorrow and will be writing about my look as a tutorial. This will either be live tomorrow evening or Monday. It will, of course feature these lips again!

To buy the kit for yourself, visit this link. They’re a bargain £4.99.

I absolutely love this look! The glitter has amazing staying power and survived the kiss test. You may find little bits of glitter come loose, but nothing too major that will ruin your look.

What do you think? 

Kerry x

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