Make any Lipstick Matte!

I have so many lipsticks which I bought a while back, before I’d discovered the sheer marvel of matte lips. The other day I found myself browsing the internet looking for a product which could make my lipsticks matte, and found a Smashbox one for £18. I don’t have £18 to spend on something like that. So I got to experimenting and came up with a quick, cheap and easy way to do it yourself with items you may already have in your home! 

This MUA lipstick is an old favourite of mine (as you can see from the well loved packaging!) and is in the shade ‘Nectar’. 

Here’s how it looks on my lips, before being ‘mattified’. 

To make your own lipstick matte, you will need a translucent powder, I had a Laura Mercier one already, but you can also use baby powder (something we have lots of in our home!). You will also need a brush for application. 

The final thing you’ll need is a tissue. You need to separate the ply sheets (see photo below) as you’ll only need one of those. The tissue does many wonderous and magical things in this process, including keeping your makeup in tact and absorbing some of the powder so you don’t look like you’ve been licking icing sugar. 

Place the tissue lightly over one lip and a time and gently tap the powder over the top. 

Voila! Instant matte lips! 

This such a simple process and I’m so pleased I can dig out my lipsticks again. I have my beautiful Chanel lipstick which I wore to my wedding and I can’t wait to try it in matte. 

Will you be giving this a go?

Kerry x

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