Beauty Product Review – Threads False Eyelashes

Last week I was sent a gorgeous selection of false eyelashes by Threads. They are from the Angel Lashes collection. 

The lashes are handmade with an extra flexible band for comfort wear. The lashes in the range are made with featherweight technology. They come with an adhesive which is fragrance and latex free. The glue dries to an invisible finish within five minutes. 

I decided to test out the Be-Bop style. You can purchase some for yourself here

Here’s how they looked on one eye – 

The lashes went on very easily and stayed put all day. They were comfortable to wear too and I loved how they looked. 

I don’t normally wear false eyelashes as I find them a struggle to apply and keep on, but these really impressed me. They seem sturdy enough to get multiple uses out of them too. 

Threads will be launching a Luxe range soon which I can’t wait to try out. If you’d like to purchase some Threads lashes for yourself, then just click here

Kerry x

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  1. Maria says:

    They look very natural! Not a product that I have tried before but I might give these a go 😘

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