My New Shoes and Why they Mean so Much to Me – Toy Story Vans

It’s not everyday that I get soppy over a pair of shoes, but these ones are something special. Not only did I wear Vans as a teenager, dragging my feet through my moody ‘goth’ stage, but I also loved the Toy Story films growing up. The combination of two such sentimental items makes me very happy. 

I was lucky enough to receive a voucher for our local shopping centre for Christmas, so just knew I wanted a pair of these shoes. There are a few styles to choose from and I originally wanted the pink Woody and Bo Peep pair, but these weren’t in stock. I opted for the denim Woody pair and I actually feel this worked out for the best. They definitely go with more of my clothes and so are a more practical option. 

Now, you may be wondering why these shoes mean so much to me. Well, I have some wonderful memories attached to all three of the Toy Story films, which I’d like to share with you in this post. 

Toy Story
This first film in the trio was released in 1995 when I was only eight years old. I remember my Dad took my sister and me to go and see it in a little cinema in the town next to ours (giving my Mum a well deserved break from the three of us!). We were all so excited because there hadn’t been an animated film like it and my brain just couldn’t comprehend how computers had animated the whole thing! I watched it with my jaw on the floor. Everything about it was perfect to me – the characters, the script, the storyline, the list goes on. When we came out of the cinema, my Dad was so hyper he couldn’t stop talking about how incredible the animation was. We got home and bombarded my Mum with every element of the film we could remember. It was such a happy evening for me and a moment I believe, sparked my love of film and production.  

Toy Story 2
Unfortunately, I didn’t see this film at the cinema but we received it on video cassette(!) from my Nana and Grandad one Christmas. My sister and I were once again beside ourselves with excitement and put it on whilst our parents and grandparents chatted around the table after dinner. We both sat about two inches from the TV screen and watched it in silence completely absorbed in yet another brilliant storyline. Gradually my Grandad had sat in his faithful chair and joined us in watching it. I remember hearing his infectious giggle at certain parts and his amazement at the animation. This was a stand out Christmas for me, even if it was a simple one in front of a film, it symbolises being with my family and us all enjoying something together. 

Toy Story 3
This was released almost seven years ago, when I was 22. Quite an age difference from the first film! My sister had received it on DVD as a gift and cheekily watched it without us! She was so excited for us all to see it and told us she just knew we would love it and it would make us quite emotional. I came home for the evening and we all settled down to watch it together. We laughed in all the right places and cried in others. What a beautifully written film! The emotional scenes were actually some of the most emotional I’ve seen in a film. I think a lot of it had to do with growing up with the characters myself, almost taking my own ‘Andy’ journey. 

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this very different post from me! It was one I really wanted to write and share with you. I’ve never felt emotional about a materialistic item, but I’m not ashamed to feel this way in this case. I’m happy to know that every time I look down at these shoes on my feet, I’m reminded of all these lovely moments, giggles and conversations with my wonderful family. 

Right, I’m off to watch my Toy Story box set with Baby J! Maybe I can help build such fond memories for her. 

Kerry x

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