Beauty Product Review – Heng Fang Black Chrysanthemum Jelly Flower Lipstick 

I’ve been excited about this post because I find these lipsticks so pretty. It’s the Heng Fang Black Chrysanthemum Jelly Flower Lipstick. 

This lipstick is translucent and has a tiny dried flower inside. It smells sweet and is packaged in a lovely pink and rose gold tube. 

The lipstick glides on. As you can see from the swatch on my hand, it is very sheer. The colour claims to change colour with your body temperature, a bit like one of those 90s mood rings you may have had as a kid. “Am I in a bad mood today? Well my mood ring is red, so I must be!” I miss those days. 

The product was much more vibrant on my lips. It felt very moisturising and had good staying power. 

I absolutely love the colour. You can never go wrong with a pink lipstick! I’m so intrigued to see what will happen when I wear this down to the flower, I want to take it out and display it somewhere! 

Once again, I bought this lipstick through the Wish app and it was £1. Delivery didn’t take too long considering it was shipped from China. You can also find these on eBay, Amazon and AliExpress. They’re pretty popular at the moment. 

Kerry x 

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  1. stashy says:

    This is actually Chinese, not Korean beauty. It’s the same concept as the Kailijumei lipsticks that was all the rage last year. I’d love to see a Korean or Japanese company make these though!

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    1. Thank you for pointing that out! I’d better edit the post!

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  2. Been debating on whether I wanted to buy this off of Wish. It looks lovely on you! I might end up buying this myself.

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    1. Yes go for it! It’s a lovely little product ☺


      1. I just didn’t think they would work. I usually stick to buying the matte lipsticks and stuff like that.


  3. beckyscoop says:

    love this post! check my blog out too, think you’d like some of the posts 🙂


  4. Philin says:

    Hi !! I wonder what color is this one? Looks so pretty !!! ❤

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    1. Hey! It’s shade 3 ☺


      1. Philin says:

        Thanks ! =D What’s the difference between shade 1 and 3 ?( if you happen to have it) I can’t really find good reviews/swatches online of shade 1.

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      2. I’m not sure to be honest! I think they look different in the sticks, but once they are applied to the lips they look the same colour. They’re supposed to change with your body temperature ☺


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