Primark Beauty Haul – Part 1 ~ PS… Satin Matte Nail Polish

Yesterday I popped into Primark to purchase a few beauty goodies and thought I’d review them for you here on Sparkle with Kerry. I bought – 

  • PS… Round Cosmetic Pads (50p for 120)
  • PS… Top and Base Coat (£1)
  • PS… Nail Polish Remover (£1)
  • PS… Satin Matte Nail Polish x 2 (£1.50 each)  
  • PS… 2PK Blender Sponges (£1.50)
  • PS… Stardust Eye Pigment Pots (£2.50)
  • PS… Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon (£2)
  • PS… High Shine Lipstick Crayon (£2)
  • PS… Love to Glow Instant Radiance Serum

I’ve broken the review down into four parts because I thought it would be better to focus on the particularly exciting products. Today we’re looking at the PS… Satin Matte Nail Polishes. 

These babies are £1.50 each and come in a gorgeous range of muted colours. I don’t have any matte nail polishes, so wanted to try these out. I was worried it would just look like I’d bashed my wet nails on a fabric surface and smudged the paint, but I was so wrong! They look really gorgeous and also feel beautifully smooth and soft. The matte finish I feel, looks very sophisticated. 

PS… Satin Matte Nail Polish in Bisque

PS… Satin Matte Nail Polish in Bisque

Please excuse my terrible polish work! My nails are in an awful state at the moment, they’re very weak (oh the joys of post pregnancy!). 

This colour is absolutely beautiful. It has lilac undertones with grey. I think the matte finish actually adds to the colour, as it wouldn’t look anywhere near as stunning if it were glossy. 

PS… Satin Matte Nail Polish in Burnt Umber

PS… Satin Matte Nail Polish in Burnt Umber

This is a rusty, muted auburn colour. I love this nude shade and feel it goes with a lot of my clothing options. Today I’m wearing a camo green dress and this colour really compliments it. 

I painted my nails last night with these polishes and so far I’ve had no chips. I already had a broken nail when I started and the colour hasn’t chipped from this nail either. You can probably tell how pleased I am with these! There are a few other shades available, which you can view on the Primark website here. Unfortunately, you can’t buy from the website, but there should be plenty available in stores. 

Do you own any Primark PS… Polishes? 

Kerry x

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  1. Lovely haul ! You’ve got such a lovely blog! I’d love if you could visit my blog and maybe even follow my blog. 🙂

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  2. I’m loving both of those colors! So pretty! I don’t know if I would be able to find them here.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eleanor May says:

    This is a great haul! You got some lovely stuff!

    Eleanor |


  4. ComputerBook says:

    […] to part 2 of my Primark Beauty Haul. Lovely haul !


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