The Roper Twins: Bath Time Battles with Nan! By Cauline Thomas-Brown

Here’s another children’s book review for you lovely lot! This book is being released in March this year and is a debut children’s fiction book from the author Cauline Thomas-Brown. The Roper Twins: Bath-Time Battles with Nan is a wonderfully funny and totally relatable story for both children and adults alike!

the roper twins.png

The story is about the Roper twins – Courtney and Jade – who are regularly looked after by their Nan. They are a cheeky pair of one year olds who struggle with abiding to Nan’s bath-time rules. Children will love their antics and the way they try their hardest to get out of bath-time. I’m sure this is something many parents and grandparents can relate to!

The story contains repetition, which young children can join in with when having the story read to them. Although the story is written in third person, as a reader we are seeing things from the twin’s perspective which once again, adds to the story time experience. Each page leaves you wondering what the twins are going to do next! How can they possibly fool their Nan’s plan this time?

The book also touches on the twins transitioning from their pink, sticker-covered baby bath, to the rather large and rather scary adult tub. This is a brilliant tool for helping your little one transition from one to the other.

Nan is a no-nonsense, strong woman, determined to get the twins clean. We are constantly remind of their love for their Nan, especially when it is mentioned that she has a sore foot. However, we also see their cheeky side and how they like to annoy her!

I was fortunate enough to have some interview questions answered by the author for the purposes of this blog post, you can read the interview here.

To purchase the book in hardback, visit this link here. For the e-book visit this link here.

Kerry x

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    Great review!

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