Primark Beauty Haul – Part 3 ~ PS… High Shine Lipstick Crayon in Rose Quartz

Hey guys! Thanks for joining me for part 3 of my Primark Beauty Haul! You can find part 1 here and part 2 here. Today I’m going to be swatching  and reviewing the PS… High Shine Lipstick Crayon in the shade Rose Quartz. This was actually one of the first products I picked up in store. They have some beautifully packaged rose gold items in the range at the moment and this one really stood out. I also thought it was about time I reviewed a lipstick that wasn’t matte! 

Once again, this has a crayon style applicator and is a push up lipstick. 

It’s quite a dark rose colour, which I like. When I think rose quartz though, I always think of something a lot lighter than this lipstick. It’s still very pretty though.  

The lipstick glides on smoothly and is easy to apply with the crayon tip. I also found this product to be very moisturising and not clumpy on my lips. As I find with most shiny lipsticks, the staying power isn’t great, but I’ve not really come to expect it to be.  

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this lipstick. I love the colour, but won’t wear it very often. I do just prefer matte lips! I also find that lipstick transfers too much – and I have a lot of kisses to give Baby J! 

This lipstick is available in stores for £2.00.

Kerry x

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