Valentine’s Special – Little Hungarian Hearts

Here we are officially in the month of love. Whether you fully invest in Valentine’s Day or not, you can’t avoid the red and pink hues screaming out from most shops at this time of year. However, instead of buying the usual tat from your big chain shops,why not buy something special and handmade like one of these adorable embroidered hearts?

Christina Pengelly is the owner and founder of the wonderful Little Hungarian Hearts. She makes and embroiders the hearts and they cost just £3.50. They are around 7cm in length and are stuffed with padding. The beautiful designs are embroidered onto felt and each heart is attached to a ribbon so you can hang them. You could always buy a few and make a pretty little bunting!

The design which is embroidered onto the hearts is from the Matyó region in Hungary. Matyó is the collective term for three villages – Mezőkövesd, Tard and Szentistván. The well known motif in Matyó is the rose or peony. The colours in the traditional embroidery all symbolise the circle of life –

  • Black – colour of the ground from which the crops grow
  • Yellow – Summer and the colour of the sun
  • Red – Joy
  • Blue – the sorrow of passing

A lot of work goes into the embroidery as it it heavy and labour intensive. I love the sentimental value behind it though and that every stitch means so much. If you fancy making a heart yourself, you can purchase a kit through Little Hungarian Hearts’ shop.

I really do think these are a cute little token of love or friendship for that special someone in your life. I just had to write about these hearts and share them with you, because I love the history and story that surrounds them. You can find out more about that here.

To buy a Little Hungarian Heart, click here. To buy a Little Hungarian Heart sewing kit, click here.

What will you be giving your love this Valentine’s Day?

Kerry x

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