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Last week Hannah, a Tropic Skincare ambassador, gave me some Tropic Skincare makeup items to try out and review. There are three eyeshadows, a sculpting palette (yay!) and a lipstick. 

Let’s begin with the eyeshadow palettes. These are gorgeously pigmented, blend wonderfully and have little to no fall out when applying. They contain vitamin E, chamomile, baobab oils and mineral actives which nourish your skin. Each palette also has a tutorial/look book on the back of the palette, so they’re fool proof and it’s easy for you to make use of all of the shades. 

Eyeshadow Palette – Blue Masquerade

This is a deep and smokey toned eyeshadow palette including blues and greys. The four colours compliment each other perfectly. There are three shimmer shades and one matte. To purchase, click here

Eyeshadow Palette – Brown Eyed Girl

Another gorgeous little palette! This one contains three brown toned shades – two matte and one shimmer. One of them is a lovely bronze colour which gets me excited about Summer (early I know!). Don’t  be put off by the name either, this palette would suit all eye colours. To purchase, click here

Eyeshadow Palette – Wild Wisteria 

This one is my personal fave, it’s so so pretty! With purple and pink tones, this palette just screams Spring and pretty dresses. I used it to create an eye look today. It’s good for blue and green eyes. To purchase, click here

Sculpting Palette – Vintage Rose

This is my favourite product that Hannah let me try. Every element of this palette is beautiful – the contour, the blush  and the highlighter. They all compliment each other perfectly and just gave me an amazing, healthy looking glow. I love the name ‘Vintage Rose‘ too! 

Here’s how it looked on me – unfortunately my camera doesn’t do it justice – 

Colour Click Lipstick – Peach Perfect

This lipstick has the coolest packaging! You just click the bottom of the lipstick when it’s inside its case, and it pops out! Nice to know that the lid won’t slip off in your bag. This lipstick is enriched with camellia, jojoba, avocado and argan oils which means it is beautifully creamy and moisturising. It didn’t clump on my lips or stick to dry patches, it simply covered them over and smoothed my lips out. Perfect! 

Overall, I’m very happy with the makeup products in the Tropic Skincare range and I highly recommend them – especially the sculpting palette! There are other products to try, like BB creams, mascaras, foundations and brushes and much more! It’s definitely worth taking a look at Hannah’s online shop

I’d like to add that the makeup had amazing staying power, especially the eyeshadows. I’m sitting writing this now and they look as fresh as they did when I put them on this morning. I’ve been out in some eye-wateringly cold weather today too! 

To see what else Hannah has for sale on her Tropic Skincare site, click here

Kerry x

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  1. Maria says:

    I love the wild wisteria pallette!

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  2. I love their flawless collection, the soft focus powder is like a miracle worker.

    Liked by 1 person

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