Silicone Sponge ~ The SiliSponge 

Before I begin, I gave the blog a little makeover today with a new logo and colour scheme and I’m so happy with it! I went for Boho and simplicity this time. What do you think? 

Our Fab or Fad product this time is a silicone sponge, also known as the SiliSponge. A lot of people have a Beauty Blender, or one of its cheaper alternatives, in their makeup tools collection and the SiliSponge is currently trying to also make itself comfortable in our makeup bags. If you’re not sure what a Beauty Blender is, it’s a tear-shaped sponge used to apply foundation. It can also be used to apply and blend other liquid makeup flawlessly. The SiliSponge claims to be even better. 

Because of the consistency of the silicone, it has been said that you will use less product as it doesn’t absorb the product. Beauty Blenders do absorb some product as you use them, but this has never been an issue to me. I didn’t really think about it until everyone started saying that silicone didn’t absorb anything! 

I used the SiliSponge to apply my foundation to half of my face and then used my usual Real Techniques foundation brush on the other half. I always use my brush to apply my foundation and then blend any irregular build up or creasing using my sponge. 

In the SiliSponge instructions, it says to spread your foundation with the tool and then dab at it to smooth the product out. With the Beauty Blender you usually dab your foundation on. 

After using the Silisponge to spread on the foundation

Errr… Is it just me or does that look absolutely awful?! Let’s see how it looked after dabbing at it with the SiliSponge. 

After using the Silisponge to dab my foundation

My foundation still had a mottled texture and it looked even worse around my nose – 

A thing of beauty
Half my face with the Silisponge

OK, so I’m very disappointed so far! As mentioned before, I did the other half of my face with my foundation brush – 

After applying foundation with Real Techniques Foundation Brush

As you can see from the results, there is a HUGE difference in coverage between the Silisponge and my brush. I’m quite shocked at how bad this product is! 

I’d seen a few YouTube reviews online of this, with similar results. I had to give it a go myself though and make my own judgement. The original SiliSponge is by Molly Cosmetics. It keeps selling out, I think due to it’s viral videos which show the application of Makeup to be ‘magical’ using their sponge. It’s all lies! 

My sponge isn’t from Molly Cosmetics, I ordered an unbranded one from eBay. 

Final Verdict – FAD! 

Kerry x

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  1. stashy says:

    Definitely a fad! No way a silicone product can create a smooth blend… the best it can do it spread it out onto the skin, but you’d still need another tool to blend. I’m not falling for this gimmick! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is an awful idea! I think the only way I’ll be using it is after I’ve applied my foundation to dab at it. I think it makes the finish a bit smoother. Other than that – absolute poop! 😂


  2. Won’t be trying that, not a good look :L

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Avoid them at all costs! 🙈

      Liked by 1 person

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