The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Unboxing – February 2017

Welcome to the February The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Unboxing! I actually squealed in excitement when pulling these items from the box and here’s the lowdown as to why. 

Your Tea ‘Tea Face’ Healing Hydration Scrub (RRP £17.95)

OK, so this product got the biggest scream from me! It is a massive product and the RRP is actually pretty much the same as the price of the whole subscription box! 

Tea Face is a mix of tea granules with essential oils, such as jojoba, rosehip and patchouli. It is also scented with ylang ylang which smells amazing. 

I tried it out this afternoon as my skin has been quite dry. I’ve not been drinking enough water the last few days and I’m really feeling it! This scrub really put some moisture back into my skin. To use it you have to firstly cleanse your skin, then smear a teaspoon full of the scrub over your face. You then rub it in in circular motions with your fingertips. You then leave it on your face anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. When ready to remove, use a warm, damp cloth to gently wipe it from your face.  
Spectrum Collections Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge (RRP £4.99)

Oh how I love it when The Vegan Kind kind provide a beauty tool from Spectrum Collections! They are my favourite place for makeup brushes and this sponge is brilliant. I’ve owned one before, so I was so happy to receive a replacement one today. 

These beauty sponges are latex free and of course vegan. It can be used to apply foundation, setting powder to the T-Zone or any other liquid or powder makeup! 
PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Organic Apricot Lip Gloss (RRP £12.95)

This lip gloss is a nude colour with a hint of shimmer. I really can’t stand lip gloss normally as my hair sticks in it,  I find it slimy and I just generally hate the texture and feel of it! However, this little lip gloss may have changed my mind. It isn’t sticky at all! I also adore the golden shimmer that it has.

I’m going to wear it over lipstick on my Valentine’s date tonight as I think it will just add a touch of subtle prettiness to my look. This gloss also moisturises your lips as it contains shea butter and jojoba oil.  
Grounded Edible Mango Lip Scrub (RRP £4.95)

Another awesome and extremely useful product for me. I love a lip scrub and the fact I can eat this one is even better! It smells beautiful and gets me thinking about the summer. 

This scrub has lots of goodies inside to keep your lips smooth and moisturised. You just apply, rub and then lick it off! It has coconut oil in it and jojoba oil as well as Mango flavouring. I just love it! 

Noughty Hair Care Intensive Care Leave-in Conditioner (RRP £6.99)

This is by a newly launched haircare range called Noughty. This product is especially effective on dry, frizzy or damaged hair with split ends. It contains shea butter and argan oil which will smooth the hair. It is free from silicones, sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals. No water required – It’s a little hair miracle worker! 

Once again, The Vegan Kind Beauty Box didn’t disappoint. I always really look forward to receiving this box as the products are carefully selected and I know that the ingredients are kind to nature and animals. If you’d like to subscribe to The Vegan Kind Beauty Box, then click here.  

Kerry x

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  1. I haven’t heard of this subscription box before. Have you tried ‘Latest In Beauty’ boxes before? I’m working on a blog post it at the mo

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    1. No I haven’t tried those! You’ll have to let me know when your post is live, would love to know more about them ☺ xx

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      1. Okay, will do! You pick what you want in your box, there is a vast choice 🙂

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