PurpleSharks – Iron On Patches

Grab your Backstreet Boys CDs and Gameboy, we’re taking a trip back to the 90s! Many 90s trends have tried to make a comeback and failed miserably, but there’s one that is everywhere at the moment and that is embroidered patches

These beauties are from PurpleSharks, a little online store which sells quirky embroidered patches. The store owner is Alex, who decided to open the store due to her love of patched band jackets. Alex wanted her selection of patches to be unique and different from the norm so that people could make any item of clothing totally individual. 

I firstly chose this gorgeous Bumble Bee Iron on Patch. The patch is very high quality and the colours are so vibrant. 

This patch is an iron on one. Alex also recommends that you sew the patches on as well as iron them, for long lasting customisation. I put mine onto the back of my denim shirt. I can’t believe how much it has changed the look of the shirt and it’s made me want to wear it again. I’m so pleased! 

My other patch choice was this Pastel Diamond Iron on Patch. I just really loved the colours and who doesn’t want a diamond in their life? 

I had a pair of dungarees that really needed jazzing up, so decided to attach my patch to the back of these inside another diamond patch of denim.

Once again, this patch has made me want to wear these dungarees again. I love the pop of colour and how it’s on my back.  

If you too would like to own some awesome and unique patches,  then check out PurpleSharks here. There are LOADS of patches to choose from, something for everyone – from hearts, balloons, seahorses, lips, rainbows, Pikachus to unicorns! Definitely worth taking a look and you’ll be supporting an independent business while you’re there. 

Kerry x

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