Illumibowl – Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

This post may seem pretty random for a predominantly beauty blog, but I really do love this product! It’s the Illumibowl – a little night light for your toilet. 

Yes, you heard me right, a night light for the loo! Let me explain why this is such a brilliant idea. Firstly, if you have little ones who regularly wake you in the night by putting on the bathroom light, or NOT putting on the bathroom light and making a mess by missing the toilet, then this light will make your sleep much more interruption free. 

Secondly, I was watching my local news recently and saw a segment on a elderly care home in Colchester, Essex. The manager had installed a similar product in the en-suite toilets of the residents and it had reduced falls in the night by over 90%. Trips to A&E weren’t occurring anymore and the people living there were having much safer trips to the bathroom in the night. Find out about that here

In our home, this has been a brilliant little addition. We have an extractor fan in our en-suite which is quite noisy and is activated when the light is switched on. We were stumbling around in the dark before we got our Illumibowl because we didn’t want to wake Baby J in the night. This amazing little gadget means we don’t have to put the light on and wake her anymore. 
The Illumibowl has many brilliant and innovative features – 

  • It is easy to install. It has a plastic arm that goes over the toilet rim and will never fall off
  • It is motion activated so turns on as soon as you step into the bathroom. It also only comes on when it’s dark. 
  • It has 8 awesome colours! You can either select a constant colour, or put them on rotation. 

If you would like to purchase the Illumibowl bowl for yourself, then visit the official website here

Kerry x

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