Hair Accessory Store

Last week I was sent some beautiful hair accessories from Hair Accessory Store. They are an independent, online business specialising hair ties, alice bands, bun garlands, head scarves and many more! Here’s what I received…

Fabric Roses 3 Pack Hairbands – £2.49

These beautiful hair elastics each have a fabric rose securely attached to them. They are a simple way to make your average ponytail look much more pretty and ready for Spring/Summer. I’ve been wearing these when I go for a run to pull my hair back as the elastics themselves are very strong and really hold my very thick and usually untamable hair into place. You can buy the hairbands here for £2.49.

Bun Garland with Fabric Roses – £2.49

I just adore this piece! It really gets me in the mind of festival season and Summer. The roses themselves are beautiful and I especially like the dusty pink coloured one. The colour combinations are beautiful. This is as innovative as the hair ties in that you can use it to add extra prettiness to an otherwise plain hairstyle. This garland is used to wrap around your hair bun – excellent for holding down and hiding any stray hairs too! Buy yours here for £2.49.

Floral Print Chiffon Hair Bandeau – £2.99

This chiffon headscarf has the most beautiful print. I am all about these colour combinations of pinks, creams and greens. I love to wear this in between wash days when my hair is a mess and won’t do as it’s told. This instantly makes it look pretty and also controls it again so I can get on with my day without constantly blowing my hair off my face! This is also adjustable, so if you have a big head like mine, you can make it fit. Buy yours here for £2.99.

Animal Print Chiffon Elasticated Hair Bandeau

I also received this brightly coloured bandeau (which isn’t currently available on the website). It has various animal prints on it in cool, bright colours. This one is elasticated around the back and is easy to fit on and not ruin your styled hair underneath.

Take a look at Hair Accessory Store for more gorgeous accessories for your hair. They range from practical to dressing up, children’s to festival. They also do free delivery on orders over £10! Their prices are very competitive – I’d say they’re even better value than the likes of Primark. To visit the store, click here.

Kerry x

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