Makeup Tutorial with Belle’s Beauty – Glitz Cosmetics 12 Colours Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette 12K

This beautiful eyeshadow palette was sent to me by Belle’s Beauty, a new and independent makeup seller. The business is run by Jade and Vicky who are both dedicated to finding high quality and most importantly, affordable makeup for everyone. I will be posting a few times about this business as I have to show you some more wonderful palettes accompanied by makeup tutorials showing you how to make the most of your palettes.

Today’s post is about the Glitz Cosmetics 12K palette – stunning isn’t it? It contains twelve shades – 6 matte and 6 shimmer. They range from light nudes, peachy pinks to rich browns and burgundies.

I have swatched the shades, starting at the top row and going down, swatching from left to right.

Top row, natural light
Top row, with flash
Second row, natural light
Second row, with flash
Third row, natural light
Third row, with flash

So let’s get started with this tutorial! I went for a purple theme this time, as requested by my cousin’s lovely fiance, Lucy. As usual, I primed my eyelids with MAC Paint Pot Pro in Painterly.

I began by applying the colour closest to my skin colour over my eyelid to set my primer. I then applied the gorgeous peach shade in my crease as a transition shade.

I decided to create a ‘Halo’ eye look, so applied the purple tone shown below, to my inner and outer lids and blended/joined them together in my crease.

Now for some shimmer! I packed on this beautiful duochrome light nude/peach colour to the centre of my lids and the center of my lower lash line.

To emphasise the shimmer even more I added another sparkling shade over the top with my finger tip.

Finally, I used the pink, shimmery shade on the top row on my brow bone (and well done me for cropping this out of the photo!).

BONUS! This palette doesn’t just have to be used on the eyes! I took the beautiful duochrome nude/peach shade I used earlier and applied it as a highlighter! Subtle and beautiful. It really pulled the whole look together.



As you can tell from this review (and my Instagram!) I adore this palette. The colours are perfect for my eye colour – especially the peaches and burgundies, but this palette will work for everyone. There are colours to suit all.


To buy your own, visit Belle’s Beauty here. The Glitz Cosmetics 12K is an incredible £12.99 – worth every penny! Whilst you’re there, check out their other beautiful palettes.

Keep your eyes peeled for more tutorials featuring Belle’s Beauty palettes in the next couple of weeks.

Kerry x

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  1. Lucy says:

    Looks lovely kerry xx

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  2. brushyneedle says:

    Such gorgeous shades and you are so pretty! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thank you so much! 💕

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