Stunning Cosmetics – Tanning Mousse

Spring is pretty much on it’s way and Summer will be here before we know it. As Summer approaches, the weather starts hotting  up and jumpers and jeans are thrown to the back of the wardrobe. In their place come t-shirts, shorts and swimwear (if you’re lucky enough to be going somewhere warmer than here!) In other words, we’re more exposed and a nice tan can give our confidence that extra boost when it comes to stripping off. 

I am naturally pretty pale (thanks to my part Irish blood) and I love it most of the time. However, if I know I’m going somewhere special, I do like to put on a bit of fake tan to even out my skin tone and help me ditch the need for sheer tights. This week I was able to try out Stunning Cosmetics‘ own range of Tanning Mousse (travel size) and tanning applicator mitt as part of their beauty panel. Read on for my review (and a 20% off discount code!). 

The tanning mousse was extremely easy to apply and went on very evenly. I love applying tan with a mitt, I find it’s the best way to do it and leaves your tan looking streak-free and flawless. The mousse already has a bronze colour to it, so you get an instant tan. A longer lasting tan will then develop on your skin over the next 8 hours. I like the fact that you get instant colour with this as it means you can see where you’ve applied it and makes sure you don’t miss any patches of skin. 

My skin tone before application of the Tanning Mousse
Immediately after the application of Stunning Cosmetics Tanning Mousse

As you can see, immediately after application there is a huge difference to my skin tone! I  look like I’ve been on holiday (fab) and I just loved the result. My tan was in the shade light/medium

Stunning Cosmetics Tanning Mousse 24 hours after application and after a shower

This tan has great staying power! The picture above was taken after my shower, when the wash-off tan colour had gone and the long-lasting tan remained. Please ignore my hand – I did put some tan on it, but washed my hands five minutes later (D’oh!). I like how natural the tan looks. I applied it on Monday and today is Thursday and it still looks as strong as it does in that photo. I have been on two sweaty runs since then and showered every day – impressive! 

To pick up your own Stunning Cosmetics Tanning Mousse or other tanning products – they have lots to choose from – visit the website here. Also, make sure to the use the code KERRY20 at the checkout for 20% off! This discount code ends at the end of April 2017.

Kerry x 

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