Guest Post – Glossybox Unboxing – April 2017

Hello my lovelies!

In this series, I will be sharing with you the gorgeous goodies from my Glossybox subscription boxes, with my honest opinion of the products received. If you want to know what Glossybox is all about, you can read my last unboxing post here.

So what’s in the box?

April is here, the sun is shining, which means we want to maximize our sunshine time to get that Vitamin D on. This month’s box is dedicated to the woman on the go who just has zero time to waste and wants to get out there (or if you’re like me, hits snooze 3 times most mornings for bonus sleep).

Filled with multi-tasking beauty heroes that every girl-on-the-go should own, it’ll help make your life a little easier this month. From makeup that’s easy to apply in-transit to on-trend hair essentials that’ll instantly cut down your getting ready time. If you’re an active on-the-go gym goer like me, or just someone who likes to cut down the minutes on their beauty regime, this box is great for you.


Also I want to give this box a huge enormous thumbs us as all the products in this box are from cruelty free brands – yay for #beautywithoutbunnies

With this in mind, let’s have a lil look shall we?

Modelco Contour Stick


Model Co is a well established brand in my make up collection and I own a few of their nail polishes too. They have really cute packaging and a huge product range which is all cruelty free – yay! I’m not crazy for contouring and definitely don’t do it at 6.30am when I’m getting ready for work, however this stick is easy to apply, easy to blend and looks very natural.  The formula is so creamy and lightweight and smells delish, a really coconutty scent which I love – I’m all about that coconut oil life. I don’t know if this product was a one shade fits all job, as it did look very orange on me to start with, however once I blended it out and used a little (and I mean A LITTLE) bronzer it looked good. Still not a huge fan of contouring. Maybe I just need practice? Maybe not at 6.30am though.

Merci Handy Hand sanitizer


Not sure how hand sanitizer fit as a beauty product, however this was definitely a welcome product to me as I needed a new one. I got a cherry scented bottle, and it does not smell of cherry. It doesn’t really smell of anything, which is good, because I hate that chemically smell from most hand sanitizers, but my nose was all set for cherry. The best thing about this product is it doesn’t dry out your hands into nothingness like most other gels do, owing to their high alcohol content. This one is enriched with vitamin E and leaves your hands clean and feeling soft. I just wish the scent was there! A great handbag staple, and the most adorable website with the best instructions for hand sanitizer ever:

1) Squeeze out a small amount of gel,

2) Pretend you’ve just won the lottery,

3) Rub your hands together with glee for 30 seconds.

Rodial Glamolash Mascara


This is the 5th mascara I’ve had from Glossybox and it’s probably the most underwhelming one I’ve had. It is packed with promise to give you fuller and longer lashes, however it took at least 4 coats of mascara to get any sort of length and zero volume. A nice mascara for an every day look which is what this box is about, it just oversells itself and then under performs. It is packed with natural ingredients to help condition and protect your lashes and to stop the product clumping both on your lashes and in the bottle, and don’t get me wrong, it’s a great every day product, I just wasn’t wowed as much as some of the other ones I’ve had from GB.

SportsFX Doubletime Face Brush


I do love a good make up brush and GB always do well in their brush offerings from brands and this is another hit for me. A versatile double ended brush for both liquid foundations and powders, it has beautiful soft fibers which boast antibacterial properties, which pick up and distribute the product well without clinging onto loads on the brush, and it doesn’t leave your liquid foundation all streaky. I also love the brand which has curated make up products and brushes to go alongside its active-wear – a 360 brand for the woman who loves to sweat. Check out the website and see for yourself!

Elgon Deliwash Clensing Conditioner


Now, readers on my blog will know I’m a Redken obsessive so it’s always hard for me to try out new hair products without judging them. This beautifully scented cleansing conditioner is right up my street. A great product to use post gym between regular washes, I’m a big fan of cleansing conditioners. They add moisture and softness back into your hair without the need for shampoo, and because it is sulfate, paraben and salt free your hair is left smooth and clean and soft. It’s a great alternative to regular washing if you’re an active gal like me, because all that shampooing can take away the natural oils in your hair which just makes it more dry and frizzy. I really like this product and will definitely use it when I go to the gym or for a long run, but nothing will ever tear me away from my Redken Extreme.


I am really happy with this month’s box. Everything was great and will get used – even the mascara 😉 I think GB really did themselves proud this month and I can’t wait to get the first of the summer boxes next month – yay for sunshine!

So that’s it from me for another box with Glossybox! If you are looking for a great gift, why not give the gift of Glossy? You can gift a 1,3,6, or 12 month subscription, or maybe just treat yourself?

If you want to try out Glossybox for yourself, head over to the website and sign up for 20% off and a free Nip and Fab moisturizer in your first box.  There’s no minimum commitment, and you can cancel at any time. Besides, who doesn’t love a little treat every month?

Until next time, have a great Easter weekend,


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  1. What a great selection! All usable everyday items 🙂

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    1. holliehls86 says:

      I know! So happy this month. The cleansing conditioner is awesome 😊

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