Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter | Liquid Starlight

This week saw the release of some very exciting new products from Makeup Revolution – Liquid Highlighters and they are beautiful. I was so excited for the release of these that I spent Wednesday morning pressing refresh on the TAM Beauty and Superdrug websites until the seven gorgeous little bottles appeared. I got myself four – Unicorn Elixir, Liquid Starlight, Liquid Champagne and Liquid Rose Gold. I will be reviewing Unicorn Elixir separately as it is quite magical!


Today I swatched and tried out Liquid Starlight. This is the lightest of the collection and is perfect for very light and light skin tones. Wow, this stuff is intense! To do the swatch on my hand I only used one small drop and spread it with my finger.

The highlighter has a white tone with a pinky reflect. It is so shiny that when it catches the light it actually hurts my eyes to look at it! It is really stunning and very glam on the face.

I applied three small drops along my cheekbone and patted it in with my finger. I then blended in further with my beauty sponge. It blended easily and dried quite quickly – but with enough time for me to blend it out to how I wanted it. This highlighter has amazing staying power too – it was hard to removed the swatches I did from my hand and when it was on the face it stayed put all day. I’m extremely impressed and very excited to try the other ones.

To buy your own Liquid Highlighter, visit TAM Beauty here or Superdrug here. Keep your eyes peeled for my reviews of the other three in the next coming days!

Kerry x

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