Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter | Unicorn Elixir

Unicorns are a craze that just don’t seem to want to gallop away. In fact, they’re getting bigger, bolder and sparklier and seem to be entering all aspects of our lives, including our makeup! I have posted many times on unicorn themed makeup products and a lot of these have actually been from Makeup Revolution. Confession time: I’m a bit of a sucker for unicorn makeup (no surprise there!).


You know from yesterday’s post that I have been so excited about Makeup Revolution’s new Liquid Highlighters and in particular this one, Unicorn Elixir. I haven’t been disappointed, this highlighter is so pretty! The highlighter drops come in a lovely bottle with a dropper lid, excellent for applying the highlight and for making you look cool like all the Instagram demos you see nowadays. I love the holographic label too (sorry if it’s not holo, I don’t know the difference!).

The highlighter itself is a translucent silver with a purple/blue reflect. I would say it’s surprisingly more subtle than the other liquid highlighters, but is still very unique in its tone. It does have a very fantastical theme to it and is unlike any other highlighter I own. I think the fact it is sheer makes it a more every day wear kind of highlighter. I really like it.

As I have found with the other liquid highlighters, this one has brilliant staying power. It hasn’t budged all day and actually the swatches were very hard to remove! I also enjoyed putting a tad under my BB cream today for a ‘glowing from within’ look. It is a very versatile liquid highlighter!

To buy yours, visit TAM Beauty here.

Kerry x

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