Technic Prism Collection | Princess Powders, Rainbow Highlighter & Starry Eyes

If you haven’t heard of Technic before, then here’s the low-down. They are an extremely affordable makeup brand, bringing you innovative and cute products which are quick and easy to use. I have been following the company on Instagram for a while now and was excited to see the launch of this Prism range, which includes highlighting powders, lip toppers and cream eyeshadows. You can purchase their products trough various online retailers and I went with Amazon for mine. They also offer free delivery – woohoo!

Technic Prism Starry Eyes | Celestial – £2.99


I had to purchase this product as an ‘add on’ item on Amazon. I will say first off that this is not an eyeshadow cream as advertised. It doesn’t have a creamy texture of any kind, but that’s not to say I don’t like it. I actually find the finish of this product very pretty and also surprisingly long-wearing for its low price tag. I have actually been using this as an eyeshadow topper to make matte eyeshadows pop, or even on eyeshadow-free eyelids for a pretty hint of shimmer. The product contains pink, silver and purple micro glitters which, when they catch the light, look really pretty. This is a convenient product in that it is quick and easy to apply and instantly adds something special to your makeup look. For the price, this is a good addition to your makeup bag. Get yours here.

Technic Prism Princess Powders | Highlighting Powder – £2.95

L to R – Fairy Sparkle Dust, Cosmic Cotton Candy, Solar Sister, Goddess of the Galaxy

This cute quad of highlighting powders is pretty and unique. The four shades offer versatility for most skin tones and for less than three pounds for four highlighting powders, you really can’t go wrong. These eyeshadows are buildable and don’t pack a punch straight away, but I like to have the option to build colour as there’s less chance of me going wrong. The compact itself is very travel friendly and also has a handy little mirror inside the lid. I also love how the shades are named – and what cool names they are too! These highlighters contain different coloured micro glitters – this isn’t everyone’s thing I know, but I think they would look brilliant at a night party as the glitters look beautiful when they catch the light. I also think they look nice on the shoulders and body in the sunshine (if you have any!). I love these and I really can’t get over the value for money. Get yours here.

Technic Prism Rainbow Highlighter – £2.98


If you’ve been reading my blog for long enough, you’ll know that I love to review a good rainbow highlighter. I’m a real sucker when it comes to these and like to think that I own most of those which have been released now. This one is surprisingly good. Once again, it does contain a hell of a lot of micro glitter but I feel this adds an extra dimension to the rainbow effect. This is also very pigmented and each individual colour is very pretty. The main reason I love this rainbow highlighter is because when the colours are all swirled together, it makes a gorgeous colour, predominantly lilac. Most rainbow highlighters when swirled together, tend to show the green or blue shade more, which is not the look I want to achieve from my highlighter. I prefer pink and purple tones. Get yours here.

Kerry x

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  1. Oh my god! I need these in my life!

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