Joan Collins Timeless Beauty | Divine Lips Lipsticks | Helene and Lara

Everyone knows who Joan Collins is,  right? Not everyone knows that she has her own line of makeup though. I didn’t know myself until I stumbled across the Timeless Beauty Instagram page. I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous gold packaging of the lipsticks (a nod to the Charlotte Tilbury ones) and I was very fortunate to be sent two gorgeous shades by Alex Silver PR.

Left: Helene, Right: Lara

I received a red shade – Helene – and a shimmery pink – Lara. Both are very wearable and perfect for every day wear. Helene is very festive and perfect for a party. I have worn Lara more because it is lovely during the day and due to its sheer finish, looks very pretty on minimal makeup days.

The Divine Lips lipsticks are extremely nourishing and moisturising. I actually can’t believe how good they make my lips feel. They also make them look fuller, which is always a bonus! The lipsticks contain hyaluronic acid, which isn’t as scary as it sounds. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent ingredient and something which our skin already contains. It plays a big part in hydrating the skin – so having some extra in your makeup and skin care is a brilliant thing.

To buy your own gorgeous Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Divine Lips Lipsticks, click here

Kerry x

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