WowBoxMe | November 2017 Alcoholic WowBox | Discount Affiliate Link

I have told you about WowBoxMe before, but thought I should tell you about it again! Especially now we are getting close to Christmas and New Year and party snacks and drinks are very much needed.

G4 - Generic - Products

WowBoxMe is an amazingly affordable, monthly snack box. Each box contains over £20 worth of food and drink for less than £10 a month. If you order a box and then review it on the site, you can also receive an extra £5 worth of products in your next box. They’re practically giving the food away!

G2 - Generic - Whats Inside

There are two types of box available – Alcoholic WowBoxes and Non-Alcoholic WowBoxes. Plans for the Alcoholic WowBoxes start from just £9.50 a month and contain 10 products worth over £20 in value.

The Non-Alcoholic boxes start from only £6.67 a month, depending on what plan you choose (monthly, every six months or yearly). An absolute bargain! This box will contain 10 products with a value of over £15.

The Alcoholic box starts from £9.50 and contains eight food and drink items. I received this box and couldn’t believe how much the value of the contents outweighed the price of the box – amazing!

To buy your own box, click here. You also get your first month FREE! Too good a deal to be missed! (This is an affiliate link)

Kerry x

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