My Bullet Journal | March 2018

Happy Sunday Guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a week, just wanted a little break. I’m back now though with some exciting posts to share!

Today’s post is all about my bullet journal and in particular, my March set up. Silly old me thought I was doing something a bit different and quirky by choosing a cactus theme…

I was wrong. The whole Bujo world and its mother have gone for a cactus theme this month!

I found a cute little cactus doodle on Pinterest and decided to recreate it for my March title page. I added the letters for March to the parts of the cactus. I’m thinking I may decorate the plant pot as it looks a bit plain.

Once again I drew trackers, but made them a bit more simple this time. I had a colour key last month, but this just got confusing. This time I’m just using a blue dot if the task has been achieved.

My next two pages are to help me get organised with my blog. I have a page for emails from PR companies so I can keep track of conversations I’ve been having. The other page is to remind me of what products I have been sent and what I need to review.

My next page was a quick one I drew up to plan out the drawers for my new beauty space. I purchased some Alex Drawers from IKEA and wanted to plan out what products would be going in each drawer. I actually found this really helpful!

Next up are my weekly set ups. I kept them super simple this month as I wanted to draw them up quickly. I have of course, included lots of cute cacti. I actually love who they’ve turned out and I’ve really been utilising the pages. I’ve been much better at keeping up with my journal this month so far.

I have since added drop shadows to the daily boxes to add a bit more dimension.

Well, that’s it for this month! Hope you enjoyed having a look again. What theme did you go for this March?

Kerry x

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  1. Emmie says:

    Those cacti are so cute!

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  2. KERRY!!!!! You are making me want to ditch my trusty ole planner for a bullet journal so badly! Love the cacti- they are just too darn cute and really made those pages fun! Thanks for sharing- I loved!! xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thank you so much! Please share if you do make a bullet journal yourself! X

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