Revolution Pro 4k Highlighter Palette Gold | Review and Swatches

As mentioned in my previous Revolution Pro post, I was sent the whole range by the company. I’m still in a state of shock to be honest with you and can’t stop looking at all the beautiful products! I wanted to review this palette for you because I know a lot of people want to know what it’s like!

It comes in a sleek black box with the Revolution Pro logo emblazoned across the front. I’m really loving the Pro range packaging – it looks expensive and professional, something I really want to shine through from my own kit. Inside are four large pans of extremely bright highlight. I literally heard the angels sing when I flipped open the lid and was temporarily blinded by the shades – what a punch this palette packs!


As you’ve already figured out from the title of this blog post, this is the Gold palette – there are two 4K palettes, the other being the Rose Gold one (which I will hopefully review soon). The highlighter in the top left is a pure white/platinum shade and is perfect for very fair skin tones. The other three pans are dripping with gold shades – good for medium to deep skin tones. I couldn’t get away with wearing them as a highlight, but they make bloody good eyeshadows!

Swatched with my finger in natural daylight (a particularly sunny day!)

Although this palette packs a punch, I do have to be quite honest in saying that it is quite chunky and very glittery. When I put my finger in for the swatches, or use a brush to get product, there is a lot of fall out and kick back unfortunately. I also find it doesn’t stick to my face that well – gutted! It terms of its uses in my MUA kit, the pigment itself would be perfect for a fashion shoot or something that needs a blinding glow and a bit of sparkle.

To buy your own, click here.

Kerry x

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  1. The prettiest shades!

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  2. Rebecca Allatt says:

    They look stunning in the pan but it’s such a shame that they’re chunky and glittery! Great honest review sweet ❤️

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  3. Madam Shiny says:

    I was so disappointed with this highlighter set, a glittery chunky mess of a palette that you can’t easily apply because it is so soft and crumbly. It also looks like glittery fuzz on your cheekbone if you apply it with a brush and still looks awful if you apply it with your finger.
    If you have any texture on your skin, blemishes, scarring or fine lines they will stand out like a beacon. The 4K Rose gold palette isn’t any better.

    I also found the Rev pro regeneration eyeshadow palettes are also disappointing in that the shimmer shades crease and fade. The Rev Pro Supreme eyeshadows are the same.
    None of the latest Rev Pro palettes have enough binding agents in the formulas to get them to stick to your eyes or face effectively with an acceptable longevity.
    It’s such a shame because they have some VERY GORGEOUS SHADES in the Violet Voss dupe palettes that they haven’t released before in other palettes.

    For example over the recent May bank holiday during the boiling hot weather. My eyeshadow look I created using the Reloaded Iconic Vitality palette lasted well over 12 hours in the melting heat no problem.
    The second hot day I used 2 shimmer shades on my mobile lid, “Scene” from Rev Pro Trends Mischief maker and “prosperity” from the Rev Pro Mirage palette and I had to reapply them 3 times in the first 8 hours!!!
    I can get them to last longer if I drench a flat synthetic brush with setting spray and apply the eyeshadow that way. But you can’t blend all your eyeshadow colours on the eye properly with so much setting spray being used.
    I’ve yet to try using them straight onto a tacky eyeshadow base like NYX eyeshadow base to see if that product will give them the adhesion they need to last.

    The amplified 35 palette range (I have 8 palettes from this range) are also a talc free formula and they have lasted all day long on my eyes. So why these new talc free formula’s don’t last is strange.

    I always prepare my eyelids by using Rimmel fix and perfect Primer first, followed by Revolution Focus & fix eye primer, followed by a light dusting of Maybelline Masterfix setting and perfecting loose powder, then I usually put down a base of the Obsession single eyeshadow shade Goldie then finally I apply my eyeshadows followed by a setting spray, either NXY or Rimmel. Every other eyeshadow palette I own from Revolution Beauty lasts at least 10 hours using this method. (I also have normal eyelids, neither oily nor dry.)

    I am so disappointed because I ordered over £150 of the new Pro products in one go on the assumption that I would be pleased again as I’ve loved all my eyeshadow, highlighter and blush palettes that I’ve already bought from Revolution Beauty and been impressed with the quality and staying power of the products. So Wrong! But I’ll know better next time. 😦

    I have LOVED so many palettes before this latest range. I have the reloaded series, the chocolate bars, the Soph palettes, life on the dance floor series, Amplified 35 palettes, the blush palettes, the baked highlighter palettes and they all have wonderful staying power as well as being amazing quality for the price. I just counted 51 previous palette sets and highlighters from Revolution Beauty in my collection that I have and they are all great.

    I’ll be interested to see how you Kerry and also other makeup youtubers (those known for fully testing products before reviewing them) find these highlighters and the staying power of Rev Pro Regeneration eyeshadow palettes. I unfortunately, bought all of them.

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