I Heart Revolution Lemon Drizzle Chocolate Palette | Review and Swatches

Last week saw the release of four, yes FOUR, new I Heart Revolution Chocolate Bar palettes. My husband bought me all of them, so expect reviews over the next couple of weeks. I thought I would begin with the Lemon Drizzle palette because it is already my favourite.

As always with the chocolate bar palettes, the eyeshadows come in a sturdy chocolate bar-style case with the dripping chocolate design. This one is bright yellow. Inside is a large and very convinient mirror and 18 refreshing eyeshadow shades.

There are 10 mattes – a mixture of yellows, reds, browns and nudes – and 8 shimmers.

You can find a description of each shade on Revolution’s website.

As you can see, the shades swatched well – especially the bright red/pink and pure lemon yellow. I really love the colours in this palette and the way they work together so nicely. They blend well and last all day on the eyes.

To buy your own I Heart Revolution Lemon Drizzle Chocolate Palette, click here.

Kerry x

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