Primark’s Looking For Wonderland Magical Face & Eye Palette | The Alice in Wonderland Collection

I pretty much screamed in the middle of the Norwich Primark store when I saw the Alice in Wonderland collection sitting and shining brightly on a stand. I was gutted a couple of years ago when I missed out on the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette, so to see Primark had their own made my day! As well as the palette, they had other bits and bobs including a mini lipstick set and other single lipsticks. I went for the palette (£10) and a lipstick (£3).

I didn’t swatch the palette in store because the one that was on display had been swatched to death! There wasn’t really much left to play with. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot in terms of pigment as I’d tried some Primark eyeshadows before – they weren’t awful, just a bit chalky, etc. When I was taking photos this morning, I was very excited to start swatching because, as you can see from the photos, the eyeshadows look stunning!

As well as eyeshadows on the top layer, underneath is a pull out tray which has two mini lip glosses inside and four highlighters. The packaging is absolutely stunning, I’m so impressed with the design and layout of the makeup. I can’t get over the fact that it was £10 for all of these products. Let me tell you – they’re not lacking in pigment either! Just take a look for yourself…

And then the highlighters…

And the glosses…

Isn’t it all just so beautiful? I can’t get over the highlighters – they’re not chalky at all. They’re heavenly! I love how they’re suitable for most skin tones too!

There were two lipstick options and I went for the nude (of course!). Once again, I’m super impressed with the design of these and they’re a bargain at £3. Just look at how gorgeous the colour is too!

This isn’t a matte lipstick and it feels very comfortable on the lips. It will need topping up throughout the day, after eating, etc but I’m sure you’ll enjoy pulling this lipstick out in front of other people – just wait for the ‘Ooos’ and ‘Ahhhs’ when you do!

You can find the Primark Alice in Wonderland Collection in stores.

Kerry x

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  1. 😂 I love your ‘swatch to death’ description’. It is so fitting.

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    1. 😂 There were no other words to describe what I witnessed ha! X

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  2. Omg I haven’t seen this collection. Work won’t mind if I’m a bit late in because I need to find the nearest primark that stocks these will they 😂 x

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    1. 😂 😂 😂 I think they’ll totally understand when you show them what it is! 😂 X

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  3. These are so cute!! Primark have really upped their beauty game over the last year x


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