Basic Beauty Tools | Spongeclean – Liquid Foundation Blender Cleanser


If you read my post a year or so back about Basic Beauty Tools, then you will know that I am a huge fan of their Foundation Blender sponge. It’s actually make favourite makeup sponge! I was very kindly sent a little parcel from Basic Beauty Tools containing another sponge, a Spongedry and their very new and very exciting product called Spongeclean!

This cleanser is the perfect accompaniment for any foundation sponge – it is a soft and gentle liquid cleanser especially developed for delicate sponge material to make your makeup sponge feel like new wash after wash. It also has a lovely summer pear scent and comes in a pretty 250ml bottle with a pink flip-open cap. The Spongeclean costs just £7.99. However, with my code, you could save yourself 20% off! Just type in SPONGECLEAN20 at checkout.

As drying a sponge can be difficult after washing it, Basic Beauty Tools have also invented the fantastic Spongedry (another tool I swear by!).

This means your sponge will be hygienically cleaned with the new Spongeclean and will also dry in a hygienic way. The cleansing of your makeup sponge is very important and will help keep skin clear of impurities that your sponge may deposit there.

Spongeclean is made in the UK and extra bonus – it is not tested on animals! I have recently gone completely cruelty free, so I’m glad I get to keep one of my favourite makeup tool brands on my vanity.

To purchase your own Spongeclean, Spongedry or Foundation Blender, visit the Basic Beauty Tools website, here. Remember to enter SPONGECLEAN20 at checkout for 20% off (valid until the end of October 2018).

Kerry x

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