Beauty Bay’s Colour Theory IDENTITY Eyeshadow Palette | Review and Swatches

Beauty Bay is my favourite place to pick up makeup from. It hosts (in my opinion) the best beauty brands and provides super speedy delivery – perfect for impatient makeup addicts like me!

When I saw they were launching their own brand – Colour Theory – I couldn’t have been more excited. When images of the first three products – eyeshadow palettes – were starting to appear online, I just instantly fell in love. It was then a case of deciding which of the three beautiful palettes was going to be the one I purchased.

I went for IDENTITY.

The way the palette came packaged up was just incredible. I shared it all on my Instagram stories because I just couldn’t believe it! It was inside a pretty bag which requires you to tear along the top of, to get the palette out. I loved this idea and just found it so quirky! Inside was the holographic blue box (pictured at the top of this post) and inside the box was the palette itself and a little card envelope from Beauty Bay. The envelope contained stickers (which I customised my palette with), a voucher for money off your next Colour Theory purchase and a money off voucher for friends.

The palette contains 42 highly pigmented and beautifully smooth eyeshadows. I chose IDENTITY because it was the one which really spoke to me in terms of unique and bright colours. Neutral palettes just aren’t my first choice! I would however, love to own the other two – especially after trying this one out over the last week.

The palette comprises of 7 columns – each one being a complete eye look. The rows are labelled with which area of the eye they can be used on. I absolutely love this concept and the eye looks you can create are so unique and pretty and the colours are perfectly complimentary – but not the usual shades I’d think to put together. It’s so clever!

As there are 42 shades, I didn’t swatch them all, I just swatched my faves (and also the ones I thought you’d be most interested to see!).

The eyeshadows are of exceptional quality – I’ve been so impressed, not one shade has let me down. Beauty Bay have obviously used all their knowledge of good quality products and amalgamated them into three gorgeous palettes. For Β£25 this is one palette you should definitely invest in.

To buy yours, click here.

Kerry x

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  1. I had never heard of this site, I am going to have to go check it out now. This palette looks so stunning and pretty! Please share some looks with this!

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    1. Aww I’d love to! Will be posting some over on my Instagram ☺ xxx

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