Revolution Totally Soph Gift Set | Review and Swatches

This time of year is always an exciting one in the beauty world because all of the gift sets and advent calendars are released. Revolution have released a few and I’ll posting reviews of a couple of them over here. My first review is of the Totally Soph set, which contains a contour, blush and highlight palette, an eyeshadow palette and three lip glosses.


In case you’re not sure, Soph is a YouTuber who goes by the handle of SophDoesNails. I met her at a Revolution party earlier this year and she was a lovely girl. I like her channel and I’ve loved her previous releases with Revolution. It was nice to see that she’d collaborated with them again on a few Christmas gifts. I decided to get this one because it had been reduced on the Superdrug website and the eyeshadow palette colours looked most appealing to me.

Soph X Make Up Pigment Palette


This palette contains 12 neutral eyeshadows, which nicely compliment her two previous palettes. I decided to swatch all of the shades.


So, what are my thoughts? The shimmers are okay – some being better than others. Some of the mattes were a real bugger to swatch. I haven’t tried them on my eyes yet, so I’ll keep you posted on that one. It’s not the best quality eyeshadow palette I’ve ever come across from Revolution and it’s a real shame. I would’ve been very disappointed if I had purchased this at full price.

Soph X Contour Palette


This palette contains a contour, highlight and blush. The blush is very very subtle (which I know is a ‘Soph thing’) and I actually thought it was a bronzer at first! However, it does look very pretty on the skin and I actually like my blushes this way. I really like the formula too – it’s quite buttery and creamy. The highlighter is ice white and a real sod to get out of the pan but once it’s on the skin, it’s pretty. I just don’t think it would work nicely on a lot of skin tones. The contour is good, I like the tone and it’s buildable.


Soph X Lip Gloss

These are the winning items for me! I love that they match her lipsticks.


They’re pigmented and the colours are very pretty. There’s a nude here for various skin tones too. They also last well on the lips and aren’t too sticky. I’m not the biggest gloss fan but I do love Revolution glosses a lot!


My final thoughts?Β This is a cute little gift set for a teenager or someone getting into makeup. At its current reduced price, it is good value but I would never pay Β£30 for it. You could get yourself her two collaboration palettes and her lipsticks for a little over that and you’d be much happier with those!

Sorry for the negativity on this one, but I think you prefer my honesty.

To buy your own Totally Soph Gift Set, click here.

Kerry x


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rebecca Allatt says:

    Such a good little set! Love the eyeshadow colours 😍


  2. jazminheavenblog says:

    Ooo the contour palette looks good x


  3. Tayler says:

    Definitely prefer the honesty! πŸ™‚ The swatches looks pretty good on all of these items – especially the contour palette. Keep us updated on how the eyeshadow performs on the eyes!


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