I Heart Revolution Lemon Drizzle Chocolate Palette | Review and Swatches

Last week saw the release of four, yes FOUR, new I Heart Revolution Chocolate Bar palettes. My husband bought me all of them, so expect reviews over the next couple of weeks. I thought I would begin with the Lemon Drizzle palette because it is already my favourite.

As always with the chocolate bar palettes, the eyeshadows come in a sturdy chocolate bar-style case with the dripping chocolate design. This one is bright yellow. Inside is a large and very convinient mirror and 18 refreshing eyeshadow shades.

There are 10 mattes – a mixture of yellows, reds, browns and nudes – and 8 shimmers.

You can find a description of each shade on Revolution’s website.

As you can see, the shades swatched well – especially the bright red/pink and pure lemon yellow. I really love the colours in this palette and the way they work together so nicely. They blend well and last all day on the eyes.

To buy your own I Heart Revolution Lemon Drizzle Chocolate Palette, click here.

Kerry x

Imogenation X Revolution Eyeshadow Palette and Highlight to the Moon | Review and Swatches

Revolution have done it again! They’ve collabed with another inspirational and humble influencer called Imogen (or Imogenation as her channel is known). She has produced an eyeshadow palette and a contour and highlight palette and they are both gorgeous!

The Eyeshadow Palette

I firstly need to talk about the packaging – the lid is a lilac colour but in the light is has a shift to it which is stunning. It’s my new favourite Revolution packaging (sorry Kisu). The inside of the palette is a nude/pink which is also very pretty.

Now for the eyeshadows themselves! Imogen herself said she wanted the palette to really reflect her own makeup style and she said she just loves neutral and warm tones. She wanted a palette that could be used for both day and evening looks seamlessly. She has also included four larger pans of colour which are transition and crease shades, as these colours tend to run out faster!

So how did they swatch?

They look pretty good, don’t you think? It was interesting to see the colours together on my arm and not in the palette, there are a lot of similar shades but they are varied by being either mattes or shimmers. I personally like the colour selection as they are the sorts of tones that help bring out my eye colour. I think fans were hoping for brighter and more ‘out there’ shades – a reflection of Imogen’s personality – but she has explained her reasons for her colour choices well in her videos. The formula of the shadows is good – they blend nicely, the lighter shimmers aren’t the most pigmented in the world but they’re pretty all the same.

Highlight to the Moon

This palette contains three setting powders – a translucent one, a banana powder and a peachy toned one (which I actually use as a bronzer!), there are also three contours/bronzers and four highlighters.

The top six powders are very good and do the job they advertise well. I’m looking forward to using them in my makeup artist kit. I only swatched the three (four if you use the double pan in the centre separately) highlighters as they’re the pretty ones!

To he honest, they don’t swatch great, but they look beautiful on the skin. My fave is Angel Face which is multi tonal and so pretty. They are very finely milled and aren’t glittery – just a leave a beautiful sheen on the skin.

To buy your own Imogenation X Revolution palettes, click here.

Kerry x

Revolution X Kisu Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette | Review and Swatches

Recently, Revolution have released a few collaborations with beauty influencers – including Soph, Carmi, Tammi, Maxineczka (of Poland) and now Kisu of Germany. This is also the first palette from Revolution with pink casing – and I love it!


The palette contains 16 eyeshadows and two gorgeous highlighters. Eight of the eyeshadows are shimmer shades and eight are matte. The palette contains warm, neutral browns, golds and pinks and a gorgeous pop of blue.


This is one of those palettes that is so pleasing to look at as all of the colours are very complimentary and pretty. Multiple looks can be created with it – especially quick everyday ones. It can also easily be adapted for more of a special occasion look as the shimmers are pigmented and beautiful.


The highlighters are stunning and so so flattering on light to medium skin tones. It’s a shame that here isn’t a highlighter for deeper skin tones in this palette however. Khaleesi is my personal favourite as it has a lovely gold/peach shift to it. Marshmallow is super blinding and also very pretty. It is icy white, with a bit of a golden shift to it when it catches certain lights.


As you can see, the eyeshadows swatched beautifully. I didn’t have trouble picking up product and blending it over the stencil and there weren’t any shadows that appeared less pigmented than others either. I was very impressed – the quality in the palette remained consistent throughout. The only shade not pictured is 1991 as it is exactly the same as my skin tone!


To buy your own Revolution X Kisu palette, click here.

Kerry x

PS Imogenation released her palettes with Revolution today – look out for a review on those too!

Sample Beauty The Paradigm Shift Eyeshadow Palette | Review

I’m baaaack! After a long break from blogging, I’m ready to get posting again and what better way to start than with the Paradigm Shift palette from Sample Beauty?

This palette from Sample Beauty is part of their big transition into an independently creative makeup brand. Over the last six months, the company have been designing their own high quality palettes and pigments and us makeup addicts having been loving them! This palette contains 35 incredible shades.

There are 5 shimmers in the palette and 30 mattes. All blend easily and can be combined to create new and custom shades. The shadows can be applied to a wet base for an intense look or to a set base for a softer look. The palette has the three primary colours diagonally across the palette – blue, red and yellow. I particularly love the red and yellow and created this look below with them!

I love this palette and it has become a staple in the more creative looks I have been attempting recently (these will be revealed gradually over the next few weeks on my Instagram).

To buy your own Sample Beauty Paradigm Shift Palette, click here.

Kerry x

Soph X Revolution Extra Spice Eyeshadow Palette and Syrup, Cake and Fudge Lipsticks – Full Review and Swatches!

I am really loving the Revolution collaborations at the moment – you hopefully would have seen my recent review of Carmi’s palette with them last week (if not, read it here). I was very excited that SophDoesNails was releasing a second palette with Revolution, as her first palette is one of my faves and is one of my most used palettes (I also reviewed that one here!). It was fab to see that she was releasing lipsticks too – after all, she is the nude lipstick queen! I have to say, on first look, I am pretty blown away by the packaging. The palette’s outside design is a reverse of the original palette – with a rose gold lid and matte nude writing. I really like that the lipsticks match this too.

The Lipsticks

Aren’t they just beautiful to look at? I love how these look and also how Soph’s signature is engraved into the lipstick itself – such a sweet little touch. There are three nude shades to choose from – suitable for all skin tones.

Syrup is the lightest shade and is your everyday peachy/brown nude. Cake is the medium toned shade with a pink undertone. This is my personal favourite as I love a nude with a hint of pink. The darkest shade is called Fudge and is just as gorgeous as the other two. I’ve been wearing it today actually and it is very flattering on my skin tone.

Top to Bottom – Syrup, Cake, Fudge

The lipsticks aren’t a matte finish – which is probably my only issue with them. You know I love a matte, but the formula of these is very nourishing and moisturising so that’s a good thing. They do last well, but not all day. For £4 each, you really can’t go wrong. To buy yours, click here.

The Palette – Extra Spice

This is an eyeshadow palette full of gorgeous summer tones and hot, chilli vibes. There are also a few cool toned shades in there – including a silver called Infinity, which is pretty incredible and a dark brown called Brownies. There are some khaki colours too – really not my thing, but I know some people will love these! My current favourite shade is the deeper orange shade called Sweet N Sour, which is perfect through the crease or all over the lid. For a simple look today, I paired it with Dreams all over the eyelids and it looked really pretty!

Some of the eyeshadows are definitely more pigmented than others. The one I struggled with most to swatch was Vitamin C (the light yellow), but it picked up surprisingly well on a brush. The shimmers are all very good, especially the yellow gold called LA Sun. Overall, I’m impressed once again with the Soph collab – is it as good as the first? Ask me in a few weeks… To buy your own, click here.

Here’s a look I created yesterday, using the palette and lipstick in the shade Cake.

And here’s a photo from when I met the woman herself! ♥

Kerry x

Heather Lou Cosmetics The Chloe Palette 12 Colour Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette | Review and Swatches

I have reviewed Heather Lou Cosmetics before, when I was very kindly sent their Olivia The Second Colour Eyeshadow Palette and I was very impressed. That palette is now pride of place in my MUA kit as I dig the quality of the shadows. I was very intrigued by Heather Lou’s first collaboration with Instagram’s @chloeandcosmetics because swatches I’d seen online made it look incredible. They also have a special introductory price on at the moment with free delivery until the 5th June, so I thought I had nothing to lose by giving it a go.


I have to say, I am very impressed. Inside the simple case is 12 eyeshadows – all shimmer shades but all very very pigmented. I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a consistently pigmented palette. The eyeshadows all feel very creamy to the touch and pack such a punch with the metallics and shimmers, I was actually blown away on swatching it!

These swatches were created by one swipe with my finger in the pan and then just swiped down my arm – aren’t they incredible?! These photos were also taken in natural daylight.

I’d say that the eyeshadows are most effectively applied with your finger as they may cling to brushes and be difficult to distribute evenly. You’ll also lose some of that pigment.

I used the shade ‘Iconic’ – a beautiful gold – in the centre of my eyelids, to create this halo eye.

To buy your own The Chloe Palette, click here.

Kerry x

Revolution X Carmi Kiss of Fire Palette | Review and Swatches


Last year I reviewed the Soph X Revolution palette which was an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with SophDoesNails of YouTube fame. Revolution have collaborated a couple more times since and one of them has been with the wonderful Carmi, also of YouTube fame. I’ve met Carmi at a Revolution party and he is just the most lovely guy, very approachable and just as stunning in real life. His palette appealed to me massively and I just had to share it with you today!

Can you see why it appealed? Just look at those colours!

I love the size of the pans and the fact there are also two highlighters inside. The first highlighter is a remix of an original from Revolution called ‘Flash‘. It has a green shift to it, which sounds strange but it is honestly beautiful. The other highlighter is more suitable for deeper skin tones and is a gorgeous gold. There are four matte eyeshadows – an orange, a yellow, a cranberry and a black. I’m obsessed with the yellow! There are six shimmer shades too, which are very pigmented and super shimmery.

Overall, I’m in love with this palette – it’s very pigmented and very bold. The colour selection is gorgeous and they look perfect together in the pan.

To buy your own, click here.

Kerry x

Obsession Warm Up Eyeshadow Palette and You Got This Face Palette | Review and Swatches

Obsession, as mentioned before, are a sister brand of Revolution. I absolutely love their products and actually believe they are totally underrated. They’re advertising campaigns aren’t in your face and I think they get missed because of this. I highly rate everything I’ve bought from them – I’ve never had a dud product!

These palettes were launched last week – once again with little to no promo, that I could see, beforehand.

I purchased two of the four palettes which were released – Warm Up and You Got This. The other palettes consist of a cool toned eyeshadow palette (so not my thing!) and a very neutral nude eyeshadow palette. The two I bought were the most exciting of the four.

Obsession You Got This Face Palette

This palette contains setting powders, contour shades, blushers and highlighters. The perfect palette for travelling. The highlighters are super pigmented and just stunning. I was blown away by the pigment of the whole thing to be honest. Its incredible!

Obsession Warm Up Eyeshadow Palette

The eyeshadows in this eye palette have my name written all over them. They’re warm, red toned and just stunning. Once again, the pigment packs a punch. The shimmers are beautiful and could be used for the most elegant of eye looks.

As you can probably tell, I’m really blown away by these palettes. For £5, you’re getting more than your money’s worth. You must see for yourself!

Get your own, here.

Kerry x

Models Own Cheat Day Eyeshadow Palette | Review and Swatches

This palette caught my eye as soon as I saw a photo of it in an email from Models Own. Donuts? And eyeshadow? Yes please! This is the latest special edition offering from the very quirky Models Own – Cheat Day Eyeshadow Palette.

The palette comes in an icing covered cardboard box. The product itself has a plastic, clear lid with the donut icing decorations printed on it. The eyeshadows themselves are particularly unique – a large round pan which a contrasting colour in the centre of them. One of my friends pointed out that they look like boobs (she has a dirty mind!) but I, of course can only see donuts.

I swatched the outer rings of the pans in natural daylight, using my finger. The pigment didn’t blow me away to be honest. I was a little disappointed whilst I did this. However, when I used the colours on my eyes, they did show up much better. The shimmer shades are definitely more pigmented than the mattes.

I like the selection of colours – nice, can’t-go-wrong nudes. I’d love it if Models Own brought out a vibrant colour version though!

To buy your own, click here.

Kerry x

Sample Beauty The Cult Palette | Review and Swatches

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been so quiet on here recently – I have had a lot of MUA gigs and have also been working hard on my qualification. I’ve been having a think about the blog and my posts and have decided to trial keeping them short and sweet!

So here we have the Sample Beauty The Cult Palette!

This is an original offering from Sample Beauty, which had input from fans and followers.

There are 18 extremely pigmented shadows with can also be mixed together to create custom colours. It’s very clever and very magical!

I love how random the colours seem in the packaging – there isn’t a theme, just a selection of beautiful colours that will please everyone and just get my creative juices flowing!

To buy your own, click here (affiliate link)

Kerry x