The Little Book of Unicorns -Unicornucopia | Caitlin Doyle


I was very kindly sent this book from Harper Collins last week and have been dipping in and out of its pages ever since. This book is full of good-humour, inspirational quotes, things to make and do and the most gorgeous and colourful illustrations you should expect from a book of the magical creatures. I love it!

This is a hardback book which has a lovely cardboard texture and feel to it and is emblazoned with iridescent writing on the title Unicornucopia. The quirky illustrations are by Laura Korzon and immediately draw your eye to them.

This book is packed with over 200 brightly coloured and beautifully illustrated pages full of all-things unicorn. This book is a great little gift for unicorn lovers, those you wish to convert or even just a fan of beautiful books.

The book is divided into sections like History, Myth and Magic, Science, Unicorn Crafts, Spells and Charms and Inspiration.

The Little Book of Unicorns – Unicornucopia is available to buy now in all major book shops and online here at Amazon.

Be a Unicorn in a world full of Horses

Kerry x

Dandelion & Bloom | Bespoke, Handmade Flower Crowns

It’s not every day that I get approached by such lovely people as Kelly, the creator of Dandelion & Bloom, with such exciting blogging opportunities. So when I heard what she had to say, I just couldn’t wait to get photographing, typing and sharing with my lovely readers!

Dandelion & Bloom make beautiful handmade crowns for festivals and special occasions. Kelly also makes bridal crowns and bouquets – she really is one talented lady! Kelly asked me what flowers I like in particular and then got to work making me my very own one-of-a-kind flower crown and here it is…

I chose flowers which really mean something to me – sweet peas as they played a huge part in my own wedding day and lavender because my mum and I have a running joke about my love of the scent and her hatred of it! I really appreciate these personal touches.

My crown arrived packaged in a large box and was protected well in lots of tissue paper. The crown itself contains faux flowers and foliage, which means I can wear it for years to come. The flowers are attached securely to a soft but sturdy Alice band and the crown is extremely comfortable to wear.

I took it out for a test drive today and my very lucky husband(!) got to take some photos for me…


Today also presents a landmark moment – the first time I’ve ever been happy with photos of myself! I love, love, love how the crown looks and I’m just really looking forward to Summer now!

A little more about Dandelion & Bloom

After creating a crown for her own wedding and receiving lots of compliments on it, Kelly realised she had the potential for a new and exciting business venture. Dandelion & Bloom was born from her spare room in her house in Norfolk and things have gone on to grow from there. Kelly will also be releasing children’s crowns later this year, called Little Blooms – something I am particularly excited for! I will, of course, keep you updated with the launch and order one for Baby J and review it for you.

You can find Dandelion & Bloom on Instagram here –
Facebook here –
And the main website, here –

Be sure to get in touch with Kelly if you’re after something in particular and she’ll be happy to help. There are also other pre-made crowns for sale on the website, here.

There will also be a Dandelion & Bloom Exotic Flower Crown Workshop running at Urban Jungle, Suffolk by Kelly herself on Saturday 7th July. Find more details here.

Kerry x

My Bullet Journal | March 2018

Happy Sunday Guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a week, just wanted a little break. I’m back now though with some exciting posts to share!

Today’s post is all about my bullet journal and in particular, my March set up. Silly old me thought I was doing something a bit different and quirky by choosing a cactus theme…

I was wrong. The whole Bujo world and its mother have gone for a cactus theme this month!

I found a cute little cactus doodle on Pinterest and decided to recreate it for my March title page. I added the letters for March to the parts of the cactus. I’m thinking I may decorate the plant pot as it looks a bit plain.

Once again I drew trackers, but made them a bit more simple this time. I had a colour key last month, but this just got confusing. This time I’m just using a blue dot if the task has been achieved.

My next two pages are to help me get organised with my blog. I have a page for emails from PR companies so I can keep track of conversations I’ve been having. The other page is to remind me of what products I have been sent and what I need to review.

My next page was a quick one I drew up to plan out the drawers for my new beauty space. I purchased some Alex Drawers from IKEA and wanted to plan out what products would be going in each drawer. I actually found this really helpful!

Next up are my weekly set ups. I kept them super simple this month as I wanted to draw them up quickly. I have of course, included lots of cute cacti. I actually love who they’ve turned out and I’ve really been utilising the pages. I’ve been much better at keeping up with my journal this month so far.

I have since added drop shadows to the daily boxes to add a bit more dimension.

Well, that’s it for this month! Hope you enjoyed having a look again. What theme did you go for this March?

Kerry x

My Bullet Journal | February 2018

Hey Guys!

I had such a lovely response to my first Bullet Journal post, that I have decided to do monthly updates for you. I didn’t do a January spread because I spent so long doing my introductory pages and wanted to get my head around this whole Bullet Journaling thing, so began with February.

As February is the month of love, I decided to go with a roses theme. I didn’t want to do the usual hearts, so instead opted for sketched roses in pink and red.

To create my February title page I stuck washi tape in a square and then drew my rose design around it. I added colour using my Sayeec Watercolour Brush pens and once the ink was dry, I removed the tape. I love the effect it created! I then stupidly wrote ‘January’ in the middle of the square and had to manically sent my husband out to buy Tippex. Crisis averted.


After my February title page, I had a go at creating some mini trackers for the month. I made them for My Fitness Pal, 10,000 steps with my FitBit and Run Days. I also made a wheel shaped one for ‘no spend days’. I have quite enjoyed using these so far, but I don’t always remember to do them. I don’t think I’ll do the My Fitness Pal one next month because it makes me feel rubbish about my eating, when actually my diet has been great! The ‘no spend’ one has been a real eye-opener and something I want to continue tracking next month.

Now for my Weekly Spreads!






As you can see, I kept it very simple with my layouts. I kept the roses running through the pages, just re positioning them on the page each time.

I also added another photo page for my Instax pictures because I’ve taken quite a few this month (Baby J is on a roll!). I thought this was a nice little addition and something I know that I’ll love looking back on.

So for next month, I’m thinking of going with a cactus theme – what do you think? I think I can then vary my weekly spreads a bit more with different shaped and types of cacti.

Thanks for reading!

Kerry x

My Bullet Journal Set Up | 2018

I have always been fascinated with pens and there’s nothing I like more than using a new one for the first time. Being a part time primary school teacher gives me an excuse to enjoy pens even more but I wanted a way to enjoy them at home again like I did as a child. I love to watch Baby J draw and paint and I wanted to join her with my own, personal little project. I looked at a few pins on Pinterest and watched a few videos on YouTube on Bullet Journaling and realised it was what I wanted to do. So I got myself a Leuchtturm 1917 journal and few fancy pens and got started!

If you’re not sure what a bullet journal actually is, well it’s like designing your own perfect diary/journal/life organiser. Just get yourself a blank notebook (I chose this one because it’s hard back, has dotted paper and pretty much everyone else recommended it!), a few pens that you feel comfortable with and let your creativity run free. Just ask yourself what you want to record throughout your year – meal ideas and recipes, films, books, shopping lists, exercise, memories, the list is endless!

I spent some time compiling lists of ideas of what I wanted to have at the start of my journal, before I start recording individual months. I thought you might like to see what’s inside!

The Key and 2018 Title Page


Most bullet journals you’ll see have a key at the front. As they contain lists, they’ll need bullets! This page just reminds me of the symbols I’ll be using in my lists.

The 2018 title page is an interesting one… I wanted a space and stars theme for the front pages of my journal because I love all things to do with this. The blue planet is actually a painting of Baby J’s! I just cut out a circle shape because I loved the colours she’d mixed together and the effect her little hands had made with them. She also has an obsession with the colour blue at the moment and keeps shouting it every time she sees something in that colour!

A Year in Pixels and Jessica’s Milestones

A Year in Pixels is something I found on Pinterest. The chart is split up into boxes for each day of the year and there is a key next to it. Each colour represents your mood that day. As you can imagine, by the end of the year it’s going to look so colourful and pretty – I’m so excited to see how this develops. It’s also a great way of keeping track of your mental health and also your mood around the time of your period.

The Jessica’s Milestones page is pretty self explanatory – Baby J is Jessica and on this page I’ll record anything extra awesome she does, although this is difficult because she’s amazing all of the time!

Books I’ve Read and Films I’ve Watched


I drew my Books I’ve Read page to look like a bookshelf. Every time I finish a book, I’ll write the title of it on the book and colour it in. It’s definitely giving me the motivation to read more because I want to fill up the shelves!

I decided to draw old style cinema tickets for my Films I’ve Watched page. Once again, I’ll write the name of the film on the ticket once I’ve watched it. I’ve decided to just record new films I’ve watched and not ones I repeat watch, otherwise all the tickets will say ‘Bridesmaids’!

Instagram Tracker

This one is a bit sad actually, so we’ll move on swiftly… but it’s basically where I’ll record IG milestones. I’ll colour in a space themed illustration each time I reach one.

Blog Post Ideas

A Year in Polaroids

I found this sweet idea online again and I’m extra excited for this one! I own an Instax mini 8 and have always wondered how to use the photographs in more exciting ways than just putting them in a dusty, old photo album. Each month I’ll glue in a photo from a special day/moment in that month and I can’t wait to see how our year pans out.

And finally… My Yearly View

I have bookmarked this page with washi tape because I know I’ll be using it a lot! These pages have the months written out (click the photos for a closer view) and space below to write any events/birthdays/holidays. I continued the star theme by drawing strings of stars. I’m particularly pleased with how these pages came out and I love how colourful and positive they are.

I’m really enjoying my new creative adventure so far and I look forward to sharing more of it with you (if you want to see it that is!). Let me know what you think – have you enjoyed this post? Do yo want to see how February will look? Do you bullet journal?

Any questions, please ask!

Kerry x



Christmas Gift Guide | Mad Beauty | Bath Bombs, Hand Care Set, Moisturising Hand Santizer and Marshmallow Bon Bon Bath Fizzer

Welcome to your first Christmas Gift Guide on Sparkle with Kerry! I’m pretty excited for this and even more excited that I get to start with some awesome gifts from Mad Beauty. Mad Beauty are known for their unique, pretty and beautifully scented beauty items as well as their cute stationery and accessories. I was first drawn to them because I kept seeing their Disney and Beauty and the Beast products all over my Instagram. I was excited to see that they also make other beautiful gifts on more pretty themes.

Mad Beauty Christmas Lights Bath Bombs – £5.99

At this time of year, I can’t think of anything more inviting than a relaxing and most importantly, warm bath. I love a good bath bomb and a pack of three of them from Mad Beauty wouldn’t be an unwanted gift for me. They look cute, they smell great and they help you chill out after the Christmas shopping rush – what’s not to like! Buy yours here.

Mad Beauty Modern Christmas Hand Care Sets – £4.99

There are three Hand Care Sets available in this range and all three have deliscious scents – Sweet Marshmallow, Christmas Cranberry and Spiced Apple. All scents are festively comforting and delightfully sweet. I have the marshmallow one and I absolutely love the smell. It is a decent hand cream too, it has been helping to make my hands very soft. The set also comes with a cute nail file. Buy yours here.

Mad Beauty Modern Christmas Hand Sanitizers – £2.99

I am forever sanitising my hands – I have a one year old and I am also a primary school teacher – hygiene is super important to me! This one of three designs is another gorgeous smelling but practical gift from Mad Beauty. I love the fact that this one is a spray and I like the sleek packaging – a good size for travel and hand bags. Buy yours here.

Mad Beauty Modern Christmas Bath Fizzers – £3.50

Another accessory to the perfect bath, this bath fizzer also smells of beautiful marshmallows. I love the simple, but pretty packaging of this and it makes the perfect stocking filler. These bath fizzers are also available in three other scents – Christmas Cranberry, Spiced Apple and Sweet Marshmallow. Buy yours here.

To browse the Mad Beauty website for yourself and find out what other delights await you there, just click here.

Kerry x

A Christmas Night in with Lolita Glasses and Friends | Vlog and Exclusive Discount Code

I love Christmas – the weather, the glittery makeup, the time with friends and family and the having time to relax and be merry. Now that I have Baby J in my life, Christmas is even more exciting. This year I want it to be as magical as possible. So when I was sent these glasses decorated with Christmas designs from Lolita, I knew they would make the perfect accessories to my perfect Christmas plan.

Left – I’ll be Home, Right – Holiday Beauty

Lolita Glasses began with Lolita herself when she was served a Cosmopolitan cocktail on a night out with friends. After looking at the drink’s menu and receiving her drink, Lolita began to think about how a regular glass could be dressed up to suit the exciting drink it contained. Lolita started to collate her ideas for Martini glasses in 2001 and from there on the company was born.

These glasses aren’t just your ordinary drinking glasses – they are beautifully and intricately designed, hand-painted and embellished with jewels. They are the centrepiece of any party and girl’s night in and the talking point too!

Left – I’ll be Home, Right – Holiday Beauty
The back of Holiday Beauty

The Lolita UK website has a wide selection of glasses for all occasions. I was sent some Christmas glasses, but also some which would be perfect for New Year. The little details in these glasses are just beautiful, I can’t get over the way the colours complement each other so perfectly and beautifully. The jewels are a gorgeous finishing touch too! Each glass has a unique cocktail recipe written on the bottom of it too – imagine the fun you can have making them! 

Left – Pretty and a Peacock, Right – Mardi Gras
Left – Pretty and a Peacock, Right – Mardi Gras

To put the glasses to the test, I invited some friends over and we made the cocktails recipe on the bottom of the Pretty as a Peacock glass. We had so much fun together and it made it clear that nights in are as much, if not more fun than a big night out! I even managed to vlog the evening – enjoy!

If you would like to save yourself 10% off the price of an order at the Lolita UK website, then use my exclusive discount code which is SPARKLE10. This code is valid until 17th December 2017.

To visit the website, click here. 

Glasses featured – Holiday Beauty, I’ll Be Home, Mardi Gras, Pretty as a Peacock

Kerry x


GIVEAWAY | Xtava Satin Wave 5 in 1 Curling Wand 

I am forever looking for ways to create Instagram worthy beach waves – you know the type – the perfect hair you see on Pinterest and take a photo of to your hairdresser crossing your fingers that they can recreate it. You then leave said hairdressers realising you may have to have an actual head transplant to get that Pinterest hair. Well not anymore! The Xtava Satin Wave 5 in 1 Curling Wand will make all your hair dreams come true. 

As the name suggests, the wand comes with 5 attachments. This gives you a lot of variety in your hair demands meaning you can have large, loose waves or tight curls and lots more in between. 

Features include – 

  • Ceramic barrels which will reduce heat damage to your hair
  • 9 heat settings from 90 to 210 degrees C
  • 60 minute auto sleep function – so no panicking if you’ve left the house and left them on! 
  • It comes in the sleekest black box and inside is a handy and travel friendly, heat-proof bag
  • Also comes with a heat resistant glove (I dare you not to put this on and do your best Michael Jackson impression!) 

I used one of the smaller attachments today and can’t believe how shiny it has made my hair! My hair has also kept the curls too, which is very rare for me as my hair is very thick and heavy. I was also extremely impressed with how quickly each curl was created – I held the sections of hair in the styler for just 5 seconds each and they were extreme ringlets! I then ran my fingers through them once the hair had cooled and they came out so well! I’ve never used such a good hair curler/waver –  I’m in love! 

Now for the exciting part – you can win one of these Xtava Satin Wave 5 in 1 Curling Wands for yourself! To win, just visit the link below –

If you don’t win this time, you can buy your own from Amazon here.

Can’t wait to find out who wins! Good luck!

Kerry x

Uncommon Goods | The Home of Unique and Ethically Sourced Gifts

So who are Uncommon Goods? Uncommon Goods were founded in 1999 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. They are a privately owned retailer who supply unique gifts which have been sourced ethically in harmony with the environment, making sure not to harm animals or humans. I absolutely love this ethos and giving these values as a gift to someone I love, just makes that gift that little bit more special. Upon browsing the website, you can find out the story behind each and every item and also the person/people who designed and created it. Half of the items sold on Uncommon Goods are made by hand and the website is an excellent platform for these talented creators. One third of the entire collection of items on the website are also made from recycled and upcycled materials too. These stats just keep getting better! If you’d like to know more about this lovely retailer, then click here.

Here’s my pick of gifts I think would make lovely gifts for a special lady in your life – it was hard to pick just a few!

Mama Bear Necklaces – £98.98 – £131.97

Mama Bear Necklaces.jpg

I’m writing about these necklaces because 1. they are gorgeous and 2. I’m hoping someone will buy me one! These Mama Bear necklaces were designed by Britta Ambauen based on her own mother’s protective nature over her children. Britta sees the mama bear as a symbol for love and protection due to the fierce shielding of their cubs. The necklaces are made from sterling silver and bronze and are handmade from recycled materials. They are also exclusive to Uncommon Goods. Find out more here.

Hydration Tracking Water Bottle – £8.25

Hydration Bottle.png

I love anything that involves fitness and health combined with technology. This bottle makes drinking more water a much more exciting task and I just love how beautiful it is in its simplicity. The dots on the lid tally how many bottles of water you have consumed in a day. This quick and simple technology eliminates the need for complicated apps and trackers. The bottle was designed by Richard and Anthony Joseph. Find out more here.

Unicorn & Rainbow Mismatched Earrings – £16.50

Unicorn Earrings

What would this blog be without the mention of unicorns somewhere? I adore these earrings designed by Christine Schmidt. Gilded in 22 karat gold and set on hypoallergenic posts, these mismatched earrings make excellent gifts for anyone who has caught the unicorn bug or a gift to yourself. The earrings also come in the cutest packaging – a glass vial. To find out more, click here.

Lip Shimmer Wine Flight Gift Sets – £23.10

Wine Lip Tints.png

These wine scented lip tints were created by Michelle Bucaro. The lip shimmers don’t just smell like wine, they also contain beneficial ingredients found in the beverage’s red grapes – the skin, seeds, and pulp offer natural benefits: Resveratrol from the skin of red grapes, grape pulp, and grape seed oil all contain antioxidants and the oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamins, to help keep your lips smooth and soft. To find out more, click here.

Hubble Planets Lightweight Wool Scarf – £53.61

Space Scarf.png

Anything to do with space is simply cool in my books. Everything to do with the universe just fascinates me and I love anything space fashion related at the moment. This scarf really jumped out at me from the Uncommon Goods website as Autumn is on its way and I just love the contrast of the planet’s colours on the black wool. What a gorgeous item! This scarf was designed by Ali Bennaim and Ximena Chouza from New York and is made from 100% wool. To find out more, click here.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my round up of the perfect gifts for any special gals in your life. If you’re looking for something extra special, then maybe take a look at the personalised gifts section of the website here. Of if you need a gift for an anniversary, click here.  Take a look at the website and let me know what items you like in the comments section.

Kerry x

*This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods


Hidden Gems of Norwich | Katie’s Cake Box

Wandering around Norwich Market, you will almost certainly come across a unique stall which appeals to your retail needs. If you happen to stumble across stall number 126, then you’re definitely in for a treat (or two!). Stall 126 is Katie’s Cake Box, a stall containing delicious, beautiful and innovative cakes and cookies. The displays are eye catching, which makes it very difficult to choose just one cake to take away!

As well as beautiful cakes and treats to take away, Katie’s Cake Box also make custom celebration and wedding cakes to order. Let me tell you, they are absolutely stunning too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I first discovered Katie’s Cake Box whilst on Instagram and I can honestly say that it is now one of the most beautiful accounts I follow. Be sure to have a look – you won’t be able to stop! You can find them here.

I went away with a Chocolate Orange Cookie Dough Bar (lucky me!) and it was literally heaven with every mouthful. I’ve actually never had anything cookie dough related, so was really intrigued to try it. It’s a bestseller at the stall too, so I had to try the thing everyone loves! I shared it with my husband as it was so rich and filling – very, very good! We both really enjoyed it and would highly recommend.

Last, but not least, I had to mention these amazing cookies – they’re unicorns and they are absolutely adorable. I imagine these sell out pretty quickly too!

So next time you’re in Norwich and vsiting the market, be sure to visit Katie’s Cake Box on Row F, Stall 126 – you won’t be able to walk away empty handed! If you do go, please let me know, I’d love to know what you buy!

Katie’s Cake Box‘s website can be found here.

Kerry x