My Bullet Journal | March 2018

Happy Sunday Guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a week, just wanted a little break. I’m back now though with some exciting posts to share!

Today’s post is all about my bullet journal and in particular, my March set up. Silly old me thought I was doing something a bit different and quirky by choosing a cactus theme…

I was wrong. The whole Bujo world and its mother have gone for a cactus theme this month!

I found a cute little cactus doodle on Pinterest and decided to recreate it for my March title page. I added the letters for March to the parts of the cactus. I’m thinking I may decorate the plant pot as it looks a bit plain.

Once again I drew trackers, but made them a bit more simple this time. I had a colour key last month, but this just got confusing. This time I’m just using a blue dot if the task has been achieved.

My next two pages are to help me get organised with my blog. I have a page for emails from PR companies so I can keep track of conversations I’ve been having. The other page is to remind me of what products I have been sent and what I need to review.

My next page was a quick one I drew up to plan out the drawers for my new beauty space. I purchased some Alex Drawers from IKEA and wanted to plan out what products would be going in each drawer. I actually found this really helpful!

Next up are my weekly set ups. I kept them super simple this month as I wanted to draw them up quickly. I have of course, included lots of cute cacti. I actually love who they’ve turned out and I’ve really been utilising the pages. I’ve been much better at keeping up with my journal this month so far.

I have since added drop shadows to the daily boxes to add a bit more dimension.

Well, that’s it for this month! Hope you enjoyed having a look again. What theme did you go for this March?

Kerry x

My Bullet Journal | February 2018

Hey Guys!

I had such a lovely response to my first Bullet Journal post, that I have decided to do monthly updates for you. I didn’t do a January spread because I spent so long doing my introductory pages and wanted to get my head around this whole Bullet Journaling thing, so began with February.

As February is the month of love, I decided to go with a roses theme. I didn’t want to do the usual hearts, so instead opted for sketched roses in pink and red.

To create my February title page I stuck washi tape in a square and then drew my rose design around it. I added colour using my Sayeec Watercolour Brush pens and once the ink was dry, I removed the tape. I love the effect it created! I then stupidly wrote ‘January’ in the middle of the square and had to manically sent my husband out to buy Tippex. Crisis averted.


After my February title page, I had a go at creating some mini trackers for the month. I made them for My Fitness Pal, 10,000 steps with my FitBit and Run Days. I also made a wheel shaped one for ‘no spend days’. I have quite enjoyed using these so far, but I don’t always remember to do them. I don’t think I’ll do the My Fitness Pal one next month because it makes me feel rubbish about my eating, when actually my diet has been great! The ‘no spend’ one has been a real eye-opener and something I want to continue tracking next month.

Now for my Weekly Spreads!






As you can see, I kept it very simple with my layouts. I kept the roses running through the pages, just re positioning them on the page each time.

I also added another photo page for my Instax pictures because I’ve taken quite a few this month (Baby J is on a roll!). I thought this was a nice little addition and something I know that I’ll love looking back on.

So for next month, I’m thinking of going with a cactus theme – what do you think? I think I can then vary my weekly spreads a bit more with different shaped and types of cacti.

Thanks for reading!

Kerry x

My Bullet Journal Set Up | 2018

I have always been fascinated with pens and there’s nothing I like more than using a new one for the first time. Being a part time primary school teacher gives me an excuse to enjoy pens even more but I wanted a way to enjoy them at home again like I did as a child. I love to watch Baby J draw and paint and I wanted to join her with my own, personal little project. I looked at a few pins on Pinterest and watched a few videos on YouTube on Bullet Journaling and realised it was what I wanted to do. So I got myself a Leuchtturm 1917 journal and few fancy pens and got started!

If you’re not sure what a bullet journal actually is, well it’s like designing your own perfect diary/journal/life organiser. Just get yourself a blank notebook (I chose this one because it’s hard back, has dotted paper and pretty much everyone else recommended it!), a few pens that you feel comfortable with and let your creativity run free. Just ask yourself what you want to record throughout your year – meal ideas and recipes, films, books, shopping lists, exercise, memories, the list is endless!

I spent some time compiling lists of ideas of what I wanted to have at the start of my journal, before I start recording individual months. I thought you might like to see what’s inside!

The Key and 2018 Title Page


Most bullet journals you’ll see have a key at the front. As they contain lists, they’ll need bullets! This page just reminds me of the symbols I’ll be using in my lists.

The 2018 title page is an interesting one… I wanted a space and stars theme for the front pages of my journal because I love all things to do with this. The blue planet is actually a painting of Baby J’s! I just cut out a circle shape because I loved the colours she’d mixed together and the effect her little hands had made with them. She also has an obsession with the colour blue at the moment and keeps shouting it every time she sees something in that colour!

A Year in Pixels and Jessica’s Milestones

A Year in Pixels is something I found on Pinterest. The chart is split up into boxes for each day of the year and there is a key next to it. Each colour represents your mood that day. As you can imagine, by the end of the year it’s going to look so colourful and pretty – I’m so excited to see how this develops. It’s also a great way of keeping track of your mental health and also your mood around the time of your period.

The Jessica’s Milestones page is pretty self explanatory – Baby J is Jessica and on this page I’ll record anything extra awesome she does, although this is difficult because she’s amazing all of the time!

Books I’ve Read and Films I’ve Watched


I drew my Books I’ve Read page to look like a bookshelf. Every time I finish a book, I’ll write the title of it on the book and colour it in. It’s definitely giving me the motivation to read more because I want to fill up the shelves!

I decided to draw old style cinema tickets for my Films I’ve Watched page. Once again, I’ll write the name of the film on the ticket once I’ve watched it. I’ve decided to just record new films I’ve watched and not ones I repeat watch, otherwise all the tickets will say ‘Bridesmaids’!

Instagram Tracker

This one is a bit sad actually, so we’ll move on swiftly… but it’s basically where I’ll record IG milestones. I’ll colour in a space themed illustration each time I reach one.

Blog Post Ideas

A Year in Polaroids

I found this sweet idea online again and I’m extra excited for this one! I own an Instax mini 8 and have always wondered how to use the photographs in more exciting ways than just putting them in a dusty, old photo album. Each month I’ll glue in a photo from a special day/moment in that month and I can’t wait to see how our year pans out.

And finally… My Yearly View

I have bookmarked this page with washi tape because I know I’ll be using it a lot! These pages have the months written out (click the photos for a closer view) and space below to write any events/birthdays/holidays. I continued the star theme by drawing strings of stars. I’m particularly pleased with how these pages came out and I love how colourful and positive they are.

I’m really enjoying my new creative adventure so far and I look forward to sharing more of it with you (if you want to see it that is!). Let me know what you think – have you enjoyed this post? Do yo want to see how February will look? Do you bullet journal?

Any questions, please ask!

Kerry x