What I got for Christmas 2017 | Sample Beauty Coax Palette

Hi All!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas – I know I did! I spent it with my family and my Baby J – what more could I want? What did you do this year?

I thought it might be nice to share some of my beauty related gifts with you and you never know, you may want to gift them to yourself as a result! The first gift I’d like to share is this eyeshadow palette given to me by my husband and daughter. This is the Sample Beauty Coax Palette and it’s a beauty…

The palette contains 18 very large pans of eyeshadow – 3 glitters, 9 shimmers and 6 mattes. The colours are vivid and definitely for the brave! There isn’t a shy colour in this palette, all are extremely pigmented, bright and making a bold statement.

I’d firstly like to mention that these are some of the most pigmented eyeshadows I’ve ever come across – up there with the Juvia’s Place eyeshadows – with the mattes being even better than Juvia’s (in my opinion). They blend like a dream and there is no kick back or fall down – just amazing!


Each shimmer shade is stunning in its own right. I’ve been obsessed with the bronze colours over Christmas and have been teaming them with the matte reds and browns.


Now let’s get to the glitters! There are three gorgeous pressed glitters in this palette –

  • Sorbet – a lilac glitter
  • Olive – a bronze/brown glitter
  • Terra cotta – a blinding fuchsia


Overall I am amazed and extremely pleased with this palette. I really can’t get over the pigment in the mattes and how beautiful the glitters are. This palette has also made me much braver with my eyeshadow looks as it’s impossible not to be with the colour selection.

To buy your own Sample Beauty Coax Palette, click here (affiliate link).

Keep your eyes peeled for more Christmas gift posts!

Kerry x


Christmas Gift Guide | Mad Beauty | Bath Bombs, Hand Care Set, Moisturising Hand Santizer and Marshmallow Bon Bon Bath Fizzer

Welcome to your first Christmas Gift Guide on Sparkle with Kerry! I’m pretty excited for this and even more excited that I get to start with some awesome gifts from Mad Beauty. Mad Beauty are known for their unique, pretty and beautifully scented beauty items as well as their cute stationery and accessories. I was first drawn to them because I kept seeing their Disney and Beauty and the Beast products all over my Instagram. I was excited to see that they also make other beautiful gifts on more pretty themes.

Mad Beauty Christmas Lights Bath Bombs – £5.99

At this time of year, I can’t think of anything more inviting than a relaxing and most importantly, warm bath. I love a good bath bomb and a pack of three of them from Mad Beauty wouldn’t be an unwanted gift for me. They look cute, they smell great and they help you chill out after the Christmas shopping rush – what’s not to like! Buy yours here.

Mad Beauty Modern Christmas Hand Care Sets – £4.99

There are three Hand Care Sets available in this range and all three have deliscious scents – Sweet Marshmallow, Christmas Cranberry and Spiced Apple. All scents are festively comforting and delightfully sweet. I have the marshmallow one and I absolutely love the smell. It is a decent hand cream too, it has been helping to make my hands very soft. The set also comes with a cute nail file. Buy yours here.

Mad Beauty Modern Christmas Hand Sanitizers – £2.99

I am forever sanitising my hands – I have a one year old and I am also a primary school teacher – hygiene is super important to me! This one of three designs is another gorgeous smelling but practical gift from Mad Beauty. I love the fact that this one is a spray and I like the sleek packaging – a good size for travel and hand bags. Buy yours here.

Mad Beauty Modern Christmas Bath Fizzers – £3.50

Another accessory to the perfect bath, this bath fizzer also smells of beautiful marshmallows. I love the simple, but pretty packaging of this and it makes the perfect stocking filler. These bath fizzers are also available in three other scents – Christmas Cranberry, Spiced Apple and Sweet Marshmallow. Buy yours here.

To browse the Mad Beauty website for yourself and find out what other delights await you there, just click here.

Kerry x

A Christmas Night in with Lolita Glasses and Friends | Vlog and Exclusive Discount Code

I love Christmas – the weather, the glittery makeup, the time with friends and family and the having time to relax and be merry. Now that I have Baby J in my life, Christmas is even more exciting. This year I want it to be as magical as possible. So when I was sent these glasses decorated with Christmas designs from Lolita, I knew they would make the perfect accessories to my perfect Christmas plan.

Left – I’ll be Home, Right – Holiday Beauty

Lolita Glasses began with Lolita herself when she was served a Cosmopolitan cocktail on a night out with friends. After looking at the drink’s menu and receiving her drink, Lolita began to think about how a regular glass could be dressed up to suit the exciting drink it contained. Lolita started to collate her ideas for Martini glasses in 2001 and from there on the company was born.

These glasses aren’t just your ordinary drinking glasses – they are beautifully and intricately designed, hand-painted and embellished with jewels. They are the centrepiece of any party and girl’s night in and the talking point too!

Left – I’ll be Home, Right – Holiday Beauty
The back of Holiday Beauty

The Lolita UK website has a wide selection of glasses for all occasions. I was sent some Christmas glasses, but also some which would be perfect for New Year. The little details in these glasses are just beautiful, I can’t get over the way the colours complement each other so perfectly and beautifully. The jewels are a gorgeous finishing touch too! Each glass has a unique cocktail recipe written on the bottom of it too – imagine the fun you can have making them! 

Left – Pretty and a Peacock, Right – Mardi Gras
Left – Pretty and a Peacock, Right – Mardi Gras

To put the glasses to the test, I invited some friends over and we made the cocktails recipe on the bottom of the Pretty as a Peacock glass. We had so much fun together and it made it clear that nights in are as much, if not more fun than a big night out! I even managed to vlog the evening – enjoy!

If you would like to save yourself 10% off the price of an order at the Lolita UK website, then use my exclusive discount code which is SPARKLE10. This code is valid until 17th December 2017.

To visit the website, click here. 

Glasses featured – Holiday Beauty, I’ll Be Home, Mardi Gras, Pretty as a Peacock

Kerry x


Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Vault | Review and Swatches

As you know, I already own quite a few Makeup Revolution products but I don’t own many of their lip kits. I have the Halloween Unicorn lip kit and the original Retro Luxe Matte kit in Echelon. However, the Echelon kit I own is in the original formula, which quite frankly wasn’t brilliant. Makeup Revolution worked hard to perfect their matte lip kit formula and I’ve heard only good things. I was super excited to see that they had put five gorgeous mattes, two glosses and three metallic shades into one box for Christmas and today I’m excited to share it with you!

The lip kits come in individual boxes inside a black, classy and pretty sturdy box. The kits are spread across two slide out drawers – an expensive looking Christmas present. Inside the top lid are illustrations of lips with the colours on and name of the kits. I really like this finishing touch.

The top drawer contains the matte lip kits and the bottom drawer contains two glosses and three metallics. 

Let’s start with the matte kits. To be honest, I would buy this set for these alone. I love me a matte lipstick and five of them is just a bonus! They are mostly nude shades too, which are also my favourite (and a lot of other peoples’ at the moment!). Each kit contains a lip pencil and a liquid lipstick with a doe foot applicator. Each lipstick has a clear tube and matte rose gold lid. Each pencil is black, with a black lid and a little strip of the pencil colour on the bottom. The shade names are also written on the products. 

  • Echelon – My favourite of the bunch! A pink based nude. This shade also won Gold in the 2017 Pure Beauty Awards!
  • Grandee – Very pink and very pretty. This is the brightest of the mattes
  • Noble – A close second favourite. This is a lovely brown nude
  • Duchess – A muted red/orange. Very sophisticated and slightly festive too!
  • Highness – A darker version of Noble – more brown but still in the nude category

Now for drawer two – glosses and metallics. Once again, all of these kits come with a lip pencil and liquid lipstick. The lids of the liquid lips are a shiny rose gold. So pretty!

Lip Glosses –

  • Honour – For a lip gloss, I actually love this. It isn’t gloopy and sticky. It is actually very wearable and super pigmented for a gloss. I love the colour too – a true nude brown
  • Original – This is my least favourite kit of the ten. It is very light and a peach colour. I just don’t think that it suits my skin tone. It would look lovely in the summer on someone with a fresh tan or even on deeper skin tones. I feel it just washes out my complexion. The colour is very pretty though.

Metallic Lip Kits –

  • Regent – This is the most pigmented and my favourite of the metallics. It’s a very festive red. It’s super unique and pretty. I feel this will be getting a lot of wear over the next couple of months!
  • Empress – This is a peachy nude metallic with a gold reflect. This looks gorgeous when it catches the light
  • In Waiting – another pretty pink. It’s the most natural of the metallics

When I swatched the lipsticks I didn’t use the lip pencils, I’ll hold my hands up this was probably not fair on the metallics. I feel the colours would be much more vibrant and stunning with a lip pencil underneath.

I have been testing out the formula of the mattes over the last few days and have to say I’m very impressed. The longevity of the colours is fantastic and lasted through various snacks, drinks and meals. The colours are also gorgeous. It is a lightweight formula and doesn’t have the stickiness that the original formula had.

If you’re debating whether or not to get this for someone for Christmas, or even as a gift for yourself I say get one! For £30 you’re getting £60 worth of products. There’s something in this set for everyone – you really can’t go wrong.

To buy yours, visit TAM Beauty here or Superdrug here.

Kerry x

Makeup Revolution | Life on the Dance Floor | Guest List Eyeshadow Palette 

Well, Makeup Revolution kept these Life on the Dance Floor eyeshadow palettes very quiet indeed! I literally had no idea these even existed until they were released for sale on the Superdrug website! There are four palettes in total – Guest List, After Party, VIP and Sparklers. Each comes in a glittery plastic case, Guest List in particular has a rose gold glitter finish. There are also three lipsticks in matching coloured packaging, which go with the four palettes – although I am yet to try these. I’m very impressed with the glitter look actually, unfortunately and as usual, my camera doesn’t do it any justice. It is extremely sparkly and very smooth. The glitter isn’t ‘3D’, so doesn’t catch on anything or flake off.

The palette itself is actually a pretty decent size. Inside the lid is a huge mirror and 24 eyeshadows. The colours inside, as you probably know by now, are right up my street. I love warm tones, especially oranges, reds and purple/browns. This palette stood out to me the most from the four because of this. I have also been after a neon orange for a while now and this palette had a few perfect little pans of colour.

Top two rows of the palette, swatched in natural daylight
Bottom two rows of the palette, swatched in natural daylight

I’m very happy with the quality of the eyeshadows themselves. They were easy to swatch and I didn’t find one dodgy or patchy shade. They all blended onto the skin nicely too. There are a couple of stand out shades in there that seem almost duo chrome – a shimmery peach/gold and a berry burgundy/pink. I love that all the shades compliment each other so perfectly, there aren’t any which would clash.

I have used the palette a couple of times since receiving it and I’m very happy with the looks I have created. I tapped my brush into the neon orange pretty much straight away and was pleased with the out there look it provided. The colours are easily blended out and stay put for hours. I tried the palette both with and without eye primer and the results were good both times (although better with the primer).

To buy your own Life on the Dance Floor Guest List palette, click here. To see the other palettes in the collection, click here.

Kerry x

What I Got For Christmas 2016

Well, Christmas 2016 has been absolutely lovely. It was our first one with Baby J and she just seemed to love every minute! I hope you all had a lovely time too and enjoyed it with your loved ones. 

In this post I want to share with you the beauty related gifts I received. If you want to take a look at the products and maybe purchase any for yourself, just click on the titles of the product. 

Spectrum 8 Piece Eye Blending Set

These Spectrum brushes were from my husband. I like this brand because the brushes are fantastic quality, beautiful to look at and are also cruelty free. There are brushes here for every possible eye makeup look. 

The set consists of – 

B06 – Tall Tapered Blender

B04 – Small Angled Shader

A08 – Medium Fluffy Shader

A07 – Stubby Shader

A12– Fluffy Pencil 

A13 – Short Smudge

A16 – Precision Crease

C06 – Tulip Eye Contour

Morphe 35N Eyeshadow Palette 

I purchased this palette myself with money from my Nana. It’s something I’ve been after for a long time. There are 35 shades which are all matte. I wanted a palette without shimmery shades for a more sophisticated look. The shades range from browns, to purples to greys and blacks.

I used the palette on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Here’s how I styled it out on Christmas Eve – 

SEVENTEEN Blend and Blur Brush Collection 

These gorgeous brushes were from my lovely friend Natasha. I just love the rainbow effect on the metals below the bristles. Natasha knows me so well and knows how much I love my makeup! These will come in very handy. They’re beautifully soft. 

The set consists of – 

3 x Eye brushes

1 x Cheek brush

1 x Lip brush 

DKNY Energising Eau De Toilette

This was one of my gifts from Mum and Dad. It has a gorgeous, zingy fragrance which I’ve become a bit addicted to! This perfume has top notes of citrus fruits, chilled vodka and tomato leaves – a beautiful combination! 

Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas  

This little beauty was also from my husband. As you know from previous posts, I absolutely love Makeup Revolution and have been very keen to get my hands on this beautiful box of goodies. Luckily, my husband listens to me! 

This box contains 12 gorgeous makeup products – 1x Eye Primer, 1x Aqua Priming Base, 1x Strobe Cream, 1x Lipgloss Set, 1x Pro Go Mini Brush Set, 1x Pro Fixing Spray, 1x Blush Palette, 1x Strobe Palette, 1x Brow Palette & 3x Eyeshadow Palettes

Swatches of the Lipsticks

If you’d like me to do a separate post which goes into more detail about the products in this set, then please let me know. 

What beauty items did you get this Christmas?

Kerry x

Beauty Product Review – Yurily Glam Up Your Lips Glitter Lips

With Christmas just over a week away, glitter is currently a staple item in my life. If it’s not on my hair or body or clothing, then it will definitely be making an appearance on my face. I’ve seen glitter lips ALL OVER the internet and decided to have a go at them myself. I purchased this Yurily Glam Up Your Lips Glitter Lips Kit.

It’s in the shade ‘Barbie Glam‘. I didn’t want too festive a colour as let’s be honest, glitter lips are for life, not just for Christmas. I wanted something I could use all year round.

Here’s how the kit works –

  1. Part your lips and apply the lip glue. I applied this to half a lip at a time as it dries quite quickly. Wait for the glue to turn from white to clear.

2. Next, apply the glitter using a slightly damp sponge tipped applicator (provided)

And you’re done! Looking more shimmery than your Christmas tree!

I have a Christmas party to go to tomorrow and will be writing about my look as a tutorial. This will either be live tomorrow evening or Monday. It will, of course feature these lips again!

To buy the kit for yourself, visit this link. They’re a bargain £4.99.

I absolutely love this look! The glitter has amazing staying power and survived the kiss test. You may find little bits of glitter come loose, but nothing too major that will ruin your look.

What do you think? 

Kerry x

Pick ‘n’ Melt

It’s time for another Supporting Independent Businesses post! I love these posts, especially this time of year. I really think it’s important to buy Christmas presents from smaller, independent businesses as so much love, thought and care has been put into the items you buy for your loved ones (or even yourself!). Pick ‘n’ Melt is no exception.

I was lucky enough to receive the Standard Christmas Gift Set from Pick ‘n’ Melt, which contained –

1 x Pick ‘n’ Melt Wax Warmer
2 x Christmas Time Cube Melts
2 x Christmas Spice Cube Melts
2 x Robin Red Breast Cube Melts
2 x Cocoa & Log Fire Cube Melts
2 x Frankincense and Myrrh Cube Melts
2 x Mistletoe & Wine Cube Melts
2 x Festive Tree Cube Melts
2 x Snow Cube Melts

When I opened the parcel, I was instantly thrown into the Christmas spirit by the beautiful smells that hit me. Even my husband reminisced, talking about how the Cube Melts called ‘Snow’ reminded him of his childhood at Christmas time. Cube Melts are little wax cubes which you melt in a wax warmer, over a tealight. We were so excited to try out the different Cube Melts and had to argue our cases for which one to try first. Of course, my husband won and we went for ‘Snow’.

We have tried a few more since and they have all been delightful. Each one reminds you of different aspects of past Christmases, whether that be a Christmas fayre, opening presents around a real Christmas tree, the school Nativity play, walking around the town on Christmas Day after a big lunch or festive drinks around a fire.

The fun thing about Pick ‘n’ Melt (amongst many others) is that you can mix up your scents, we tried mixing ‘Christmas Time’ and ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ and it looked and smelt gorgeous!

If you visit the Pick ‘n’ Melt website, you will notice there are many brilliant options for buying your own scents and sets. They also make luxury candles, which are beautiful and available in 250 scents such as pink grapefruit, sweet pea, marshmallow and their blends such as strawberries and champagne.

The Standard Christmas Gift Set that I received, is an amazing £12.00. If you buy four of these, then you will only pay £9.00 for each set – a fantastic offer which works out at buy 3, get 1 free! There is also a Supreme version of this set which contains 32 bags of melts (16 different flavours) and costs £18.00. This will reduce to £13.50 if you buy four sets. Check out the Special Offers section of the website to find more set options.



You can also join the Pick ‘n’ Melt Party  which is an exciting monthly subscription service. You pay £8.00 per month (£12 for supreme) and you will receive 20 bags of melts (30 with Supreme) and postage is free! You will have your own user account and there you will be able to manage which scents you receive. To find out more, click here.


I think you’ll agree when I say that these sets, candles and Cube Melt subscriptions are perfect gifts, especially at Christmas time. I could literally order all 250 candles as they all sound AMAZING!

You can find Pick ‘n’ Melt over on Twitter – @PicknMelt and on Facebook – Pick ‘n’ Melt where they’re currently running an awesome Christmas competition daily!

Let me know if you order anything from Pick ‘n’ Melt, or if you join the Party.

Kerry x

Amy’s Organics & Naturals

This is my first post in a series all about gorgeous, independent businesses. With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to support smaller businesses and not buy all your gifts from big chain companies. Buying from independent businesses can make your gifts special and usually unique.


The first business I’d like to introduce you to is Amy’s Organics & Naturals. This is a small family run business with excellent and personalised customer service. They use only recyclable or compostable packaging and sell organic and natural products. Amy herself is very approachable and knowledgeable about the products she sells. She has trawled through thousands of products to carefully select appropriate and affordable ones for her online shop. To find out more about Amy and the business, click here.

My Purchases from Amy’s Organics and Naturals

Natural Deodorant M/F by Faith in Nature ~ £3.95


For me, deodorant has become an expensive game. I’ve never really found one that I like – either because of the scent, consistency or the way it makes my armpits feel. I always read horror stories in the media about the awful things deodorant can do to your body. With all of this in mind, I was keen to try a natural but effective deodorant. I have heard only brilliant things about crystal sticks and decided to finally bite the bullet and buy one from Amy. I must say, after using it for a few days, I am extremely impressed with this product. It doesn’t have a scent, it doesn’t feel sticky, I have no odour or sweat issues and my armpits don’t feel irritated. It’s an all-rounder! I highly recommend this – give it a go, you won’t be disappointed! Buy yours here.

Shampoo Bar – Lavender, Tea Tree & Castor Oil by Friendly ~ £2.45

shampoo bar.png

This shampoo bar smells gorgeous! It is also vegan. It can be used on all hair types and lengths and left my hair with a beautiful shine. This soap will last as long as three conventional bottles of shampoo! It will make a unique gift or stocking filler. Buy yours here.

Organic Body Wash by Bentley Organic ~ £3.50

body wash.png

I purchased this body wash in Olive, Tea Tree & Eucalyptus which is for deep cleansing. You can also buy Lemon, Grapefruit & seaweed for detoxifying and Lavender, Aloe Vera & Jojoba for Calming and Moisturising. The bottles contain 250ml of body wash and smell divine! Buy yours here.

I will posting again in the next few days about Amy’s Organics & Naturals as I have some baby products to review. So keep an eye out for that.

Make sure you support brilliant independent businesses like Amy’s this Christmas.

You can follow her on Twitter – @InfoAmys

Kerry x

Zoella Lifestyle – On My Travels Back Pack

If there was one gift I wanted for myself from the Boots Gift Guide, it was the Zoella Lifestyle – On My Travels Back Pack. As soon as I saw it in store, I fell in love. Luckily for me, I have a very kind husband who bought me one this week!

As you can see, the bag is gorgeous. It’s perfect for a mum of a young baby like myself, as her changing bag just isn’t enough! It is quite large, so will easily fit my tablet, notebook and any other ‘stuff’ I accumulate over the weeks! The bag has a beautiful neon orange lining, which goes really nicely with the grey of the bag.

You also receive this motivational keyring which is a rose gold coloured metal with soft neon orange lettering.

This travel mug is also included – another essential for me and my walks with the pram! It has a gorgeous marble effect design and rose gold lettering. Once again, the neon orange colour scheme is carried through on the lid.

These pencils are super cool and look so great in the box that I didn’t want to remove them! I’m loving the ombre effect using the orange of the pencils. Each pencil has a little phrase written on it, like ‘Hugs & Kisses’. I’m a total stationery addict, so these pencils made me very happy.

The bag was a Boots Star Buy but is now back up for £50. You can purchase the bag in store or online here.

There are more gorgeous items in the Zoella Lifestyle range, including candles and cosy socks. Will you be purchasing any?

Kerry x