Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Christmas Cookies | Review and Swatches 

This isn’t my first review of a Jeffree Star Cosmetics product, you can read all about the last liquid lipstick I reviewed here. This is the one shade I chose from his Christmas Collection. Christmas Cookies is a gorgeous peachy nude and the one shade in particular, which really stood out to me. This collection also saw a gold shade called First Class, which I’m hoping will eventually go into a Beauty Bay sale and which one day I’ll be brave enough to wear! I do have to say that all the colours are gorgeous, I’m just not cool enough to wear them!

As you can see from the photos, the packaging is stunning. This is my favourite design so far – the glitter and sparkles really appeal to me and not just for this time of year. My camera didn’t pick up the full impact of the glitter (as usual) but take my word for it that you won’t stop looking at it under a very bright light! I have a short video of it on my Instagram highlights in ‘Beauty Faves’ – check it out!

The lipstick comes in a holographic box with the name sticker acting as a seal. The liquid lipstick comes in a very sturdy and expensive feeling container with the gorgeous pink and glittery packaging. The lid also clicks shut which means it won’t come open in your bag – phew! It has a curved doe foot applicator which makes applying the lipstick easy and slick. 

The colour itself is lovely, I’ve been wearing it every day since I received it because it’s the perfect everyday colour. I wouldn’t say it lasts all day and it is quite drying. It looks lovely when first applied though. 

To buy Christmas Cookies for yourself, click here

And last thing to say – Merry Christmas to you all! Thank you for your amazing support and I hope you have a wonderful time ♥ 

Kerry x

Wonderland Makeup | Studio Finish Primer |  Wonderdust Loose Pigment | Blush 

When I was contacted by Wonderland Makeup last month, I was excited to be introduced to a new and very exciting makeup brand from the UK. I was sent some of their products in return for an honest review and here are my thoughts. 

Wonderland Makeup Studio Finish Primer

I always struggle to find a primer that actually works – keeps my makeup on all day and gives it a smooth base to work with. I think Wonderland Makeup have provided my primer solution! I always get oily skin on my nose throughout the day and so I find it difficult to find a primer that doesn’t make this worse. This Wonderland primer is lightweight and oil free so won’t make my skin issues worse. It also doesn’t sink into the pores but actually glides over them meaning that my foundation doesn’t sink in either. I absolutely love this stuff! This primer is cruelty free. 

To buy your own Studio Finish Primer, click here

Wonderland Wonderdust Loose Pigment in Blossom 

This pigment is STUNNING. Absolutely gorgeous as a solo colour all over the lid and could even double up as a highlight. This product is not only versatile but also very long-wearing. It sits beautifully on the lids and delivers just the perfect amount of shimmer and sparkle. It’s gorgeous for this time of year too. 

‘Blossom’ Loose Pigment swatched in Natural Light

Inside the cute little pot you get 1.5g of pigment. The pot has a sifter which makes distribution and application of the product problem free. This pigment is also cruelty free. There are lots of other colours available in the range, that can be viewed here.  

Wonderland ‘Slight of Pink’ Blush

This is my perfect blush shade at the moment – slightly pink, slightly peach and just perfect for the Autumn. It has a slight shimmer finish for that healthy looking glow. It is also a fine powder which makes it easy to work with and super easy to blend out. 

As with all Wonderland Makeup products, this blusher is cruelty free. You get 7g of product inside a cute little compact. I love how the Wonderland ‘W’ is embossed on the powder too – a lovely finishing touch! 

To buy your own Wonderland Blush, click here

Overall, I’m really impressed with my products from Wonderland Makeup. I absolutely love that they’re cruelty free too. The colour ranges are superb too – colours for every occasion and skin tone. 

If you visit the Wonderland website, you’ll also find eyeshadowsmascaralipstickglittersfoundations and nail polish. There really is something for everyone. 

Be sure to check out Wonderland Makeup on Instagram too – they have some amazing makeup inspiration! 

Kerry x

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Unboxing | August 2017

This month’s The Vegan Kind Beauty Box is an absolute corker! Yes, I was slightly disappointed that this is the first box I have received without an item of makeup, but the more I look into and try out the products, the less I’m bothered about this! The products inside this month are just brilliant and so unique that I don’t already own anything like them. So, let’s dig in!

Zerreau Waterless Body Wash 70ml (RRP £3.99)

I received a product from Zerreau in last quarter’s box which was a dry shampoo foam. I wasn’t so keen on that, so was a bit dubious about this one. I tried it out after my run earlier this evening and my god, it’s genius! You put the foam on dry skin and lather it up, you then just wipe it away with a towel – no water required! This is perfect for post-gym sessions when you can’t get in the shower, or at a festival, or just anytime you need a super-speedy freshen up! It also has a beautiful fruity and tropical scent which stays on the skin. I’m a big fan!

Chirp Body Softnest 100% Natural Hair Mask (RRP £17.95)

I haven’t been able to give this a try yet, because I only received the box this morning, but who doesn’t love a hair mask? I recently had my hair coloured/bleached so it could do with some TLC. This mask is designed to soften and hydrate hair, whilst rejuvenating the senses at the same time. It should be applied to dry hair, left for around 30 mins and then wash your hair twice with shampoo to make sure all of the mask has been removed. I’m excited to try this!

Tisserand Happy Aromatherapy Roller Ball (RRP £5.95)We all need a little pick me up throughout the day, right? Well this aromatherapy roller ball is sunshine in a bottle. Just roll this onto temples, the nape of the neck, behind the ears and anywhere else you can sniff for a waft of joy. I absolutely love products like this and strongly believe in essential oils and aromas playing a part in our moods and emotions. I’ve put this straight in my handbag, ready for stressful situations and moments of dull moods. The essential oils inside are – bergamot, lemon tea tree and nutmeg. Trust me when I say, this smells incredible. I challenge you not to feel happier when using this for yourself!

Figs and Rouge Hydra-Activ 3 in 1 Hero Cream 80ml (RRP £18)

When I looked in the box and saw this beautiful tin, I did a little happy dance! I mean, let’s take a second to appreciate this packaging – I just love that design! I have a bit of a thing about products which come in tins too – just so retro and funky looking (does anyone say ‘funky’ anymore?!). I’m excited to try the cream itself too. It’s for both the face and body and promises to deliver hydration, radiance, the reduction of fine lines and smoothing properties. Fingers crossed it achieves all of these! Figs & Rouge are an absolutely gorgeous brand, so I’m expecting good things.

Eden Perfumes – Daisy Perfume 10ml (RRP £7)

OK, this is what really did it for me this month. I’m absolutely blown away by this company and what they do. They make vegan versions of all of your favourite perfumes and aftershaves, for a fraction of the price. The one I received in my box is their version of ‘Daisy’ by Marc Jacobs and it smells INCREDIBLE! I have an issue with perfumes in that I can never smell them on my skin after about ten minutes of applying them. This one stuck with me – I’m not just saying this to gain brownie points from the company, I’m not paid to write this, I just genuinely believe in this company and perfume. I’ve even got my husband ready to make an order with me come pay day! If you get the box for one thing, get it for this perfume. Check out Eden Perfumes for yourself here.

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box is a quarterly box priced at only £15.00 plus postage. Subscribe here.

Kerry x

Fresh Naturals | Natural, Vegan and Organic Pampering Goodies




We all need a bit of a pamper sometimes what with long working hours, family life and just general everyday stresses. When Fliss from Fresh Naturals offered to send me some gorgeous samples to put to the pamper test, I really couldn’t refuse. I rarely get time to just lie back in the bath and relax, but made sure I set myself some time aside. Baby J was in bed and the husband was on the xbox – perfect! Here are the products I put to the test, along with others I have been using over the last couple of weeks.

Keep reading for a special 20% off code too!

Tropical Crush Bath Bomb (150g) – £3.25

This bath bomb took a long time to dissolve in my bath, which I love. I feel that this is the sign of a good quality bath bomb – cheaper ones just tend to dissolve in a matter of seconds, whereas this one was going for a good few minutes. It filled my whole bathroom with fruity and tropical aromas which gave me a positive energy boost. Beautiful! This bomb contains Apricot Kernel oil for soft skin and mineral-rich dead sea salt. Buy yours here.

Wake Up and Go Handmade Bath Bomb (120g) – £3.00

I haven’t used this one yet, as I’m saving it for a rare morning bath treat. It smells incredible though! This bomb contains sense awakening oils that will wake you up, ready for the day including peppermint oil and lemon oil. Buy yours here.

Tea Tree and Poppy Seed Natural Sugar Scrub – £3.50

When I spoke to Fliss about this product, she said that they are one of her best sellers – one customer even bought fifteen of them! The are different combinations to choose from including, Peppermint and Blue Cornflower, Avocado and Olive Oil and Lemon, Grapefruit and Calendula.  These can either be used on your feet, like a pumice stone, or run under warm water and then rubbed over the skin. I used it the second way, especially on my arms and it left them smelling great and feeling silky smooth. Buy yours here.

A Pamper Pack of Mini Bath Time Treats

Oh my goodness, I actually squealed a little bit when I opened up the box containing all these beautiful goodies! Inside I received (from left to right in photo) –

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Also, don’t forget that Fresh Naturals is a vegan friendly, cruelty free, organic brand – making us and the animals very happy.

To receive 20% off your order (excluding delivery) use the code SPARKLEWITHKERRY at the checkout (valid until the end of August 2017).

Visit Fresh Naturals here.

Kerry x


NB Labs Bio Extracts | Advanced Eye Contour Collection

Bio Extracts were one of the first companies to back my blog in its early stages and send me an amazing PR package. Since then, they have continued to support me and even sent me a lovely Easter card this year! You can read my original review here – Bio Extracts @Home Lab.  I was so excited when I was contacted by them asking me to try out their new range of eye products. This is the new Advanced Eye Contour Collection. This collection works on the same premise as the already released range, in that you get a beautifully rich lamellar system cream and some boosters.

The innovative idea behind Bio Extract skin products, is the personalisation of your skin care routine. If you’re suffering from a particular skin issue one morning or evening, you can adjust your products to your needs.

Bio Extracts are a vegan brand, that use the latest biotechnology to harness powerful plant extracts which are amazing for your skin. The eye cream itself is formulated with the Bio Extracts unique Multi-Lamellar System which has a structural similarity to your skin’s own natural layers. When it is applied to the skin, it mimics these layers acting like a hydrating patch – enhancing its barrier function, leaving it feeling instantly refreshed and hydrated.

Here’s the extra exciting part – the boosters! I absolutely love these and to be totally honest, so does my husband. It’s so nice to be able to check out your skin in the morning and personalise your skin care to it. It’s the same with the eye boosters. You can purchase the Lift and Firm Boost or the Brightening Boost. I use the Lift and Firm at night and the Brightening one in the morning.

The Brightening Boost will help the skin around the eyes look more radiant and revitalised. The Lift and Firm Boost will help to give a firmer, plumped up appearance around the eye contour.

You can also combine your eye cream with both boosters, if you’re feeling the need for super optimum results around the eyes (perfect after a heavy night!).

I have found the cream and boosters to also be an amazing base to my makeup. I have experienced little to no creasing around my eyes where my concealer usually sits. The makeup sits still and looks very smooth too.

To purchase the Bio Extracts Advanced Eye Contour Collection for yourself, click here. Or from QVC here.

Kerry x

Pampered and Gorgeous | Katie Craig Lavender & Orange Hand & Body Wash

I’m very excited to be talking to you this evening about Pampered and Gorgeous. I came across this lovely company on their Instagram and was intrigued by their ethos of bringing their consumer pampering products which are kind to the environment, kind to animals and kind to nature.  All of the products on the website are organic, cruelty free, vegan and natural.

Now for the product review! I was kindly sent the Katie Craig Lavender & Orange Hand & Body Wash to try out and then review.


All of the Katie Craig products sold on the website are paraben free and sulphate free. They are scented using essential oils – meaning they pack a real punch when it comes to their perfume. I was absolutely blown away by this body wash when I used it in my shower. I find that the scent really clings to the skin too, meaning its beautiful smell doesn’t leave once your bath or shower is over. It is also a brilliant little cleanser! I especially love using it after a run as it really refreshes my skin and leaves me feeling very clean and my skin feeling soft.

The Katie Craig body wash came presented in a gorgeous pink, purple and black box. The box itself is made from recycle card. In fact, all of the packaging is recycled. The packaging can also be recycled after use.

The Katie Craig Orange & Lavender Hand & Body Wash can be purchased through the Pampered & Gorgeous website here. Take a look at the other pampering products available whilst you’re there. Treat yourself to your very own at-home spa day!

Kerry x

Benecos Natural Beauty – Product Reviews


Last week I was sent some gorgeous goodies from Benecos to review. Benecos produce natural, cruelty-free and vegan makeup and sell them at affordable prices. They also sell natural skincare, natural hair care and natural body care products which are all 100% natural with organic ingredients. In my package I received the Natural Light Fluid Foundation, Natural Lipstick in ‘Catwalk’ and two eyeshadows – Shimmery Eyeshadow in ‘Rose Quartz’ and Eyeshadow Matte in ‘Mauve Me’. I tried them all out today and here’s my honest review…

Benecos Natural Light Fluid Foundation in Dune – £7.16

This is a lightweight foundation which blends beautifully and evenly over the face. To apply it I used my Kabuki brush. I built up the coverage because I have some redness on my cheeks which I like to cover. The foundation coped very well with this and evened out my skintone effortlessly. I took a photo of the coverage on just half my face for comparison purposes.

The foundation on half of my face (my left side), after applying just one layer

The foundation contains organic, hydrating and nourishing ingredients including Avocado Oil and Argan Oil to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. It has a matte finish – perfect for me and my oily T-Zone! I also found that it lasted for a good few hours too and only started to cake slightly around my nose (no foundation has ever passed this test – trust me!). To purchase this foundation for yourself, click here.

Eyeshadows – Shimmery Eyeshadow in Rose Quartz and Eyeshadow Matte in Mauve Me

I received two beautiful eyeshadows, which perfectly compliment one another. I find that Mauve Me is perfect for the crease area, and have been reaching for it a lot.

Rose Quartz is a gorgeous shimmery shade, excellent for brightening up the eyes and I love to use it on the centre of the lid and inner corners for exactly this purpose. This would also make an absolutely stunning cheek highlight.

The eyeshadows are, of course, made from natural ingredients including Macadamia Oil and Sunflower Oil to help care for the delicate eye area. To buy yours, visit the eyeshadow section of the website here – there are lots to choose from!


  Benecos Lipstick in the shade Catwalk – £5.56




I love this lipstick colour! It’s an orange-toned red and is such a statement lip colour. It is very nourishing on the lips and glides on with ease.

It contains beneficial and kind ingredients including Olive Oil and Avocado Oil to keep your lips feeling soft and moisturised throughout the day. It is just beautiful! To purchase your own, click here or to see what other shades are available, click here.






Overall, I am very pleased with these products and the high quality payoff I get from them. They also have fantastic longevity and didn’t need touching up throughout the day (apart from the lipstick!). I especially rate the foundation as the coverage is excellent and so natural looking. It also made my skin look silky smooth and the colour was a perfect match for my skin tone!

Visit the Benecos website here to find out more about the brand. I just know you’ll love them too!

Kerry x

Earth Conscious – Natural Baby Balm 

Baby J has quite sensitive skin and it can be difficult to find baby creams and balms that don’t upset her skin more. When I was sent the Earth Conscious Natural Baby Balm, I was pleased to see it contained nothing harmful which wouldn’t agree with her. 

Earth Conscious are a fabulous green and ethical brand. Their products are produced in the UK and use eco friendly packaging. The ingredients used in their natural deodorants and baby balms are top quality and certified. 

The Baby Balm is cruelty free and vegan and contains absolutely no nasties. The ingredients are also organic. Inside the balm you will find – 

  • Cocos nucifera (organic coconut oil)
  • Butyrospermum parkii (organic shea butter)
  • Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot Kernel Oil)
  • Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) wax

Baby J’s verdict? She loved it! I put it on her bottom after each nappy change and on dry patches on her arms. It didn’t irritate her skin at all and it left her feeling even more soft than usual! You get a lot of product, which means we’ll be able to use this cream for a long time. The cream absorbs wonderfully into the skin and only has a slight, pleasant scent from the coconut oil. 

Another wonderful thing about the Earth Conscious Natural Baby Balm is that 10p from every sale of it goes to the Marine Conservation Society – a UK charity who help protect our seas, shores and wildlife. 

Earth Conscious really are a wonderfully caring brand with a lot of heart and thought put into their products. To find out more about the wonderful things they do, click here

To purchase the Baby Balm, click here

Kerry x

Bio Extracts @Home Lab

I have had these products for little over a week now and I have been so excited to share them with you! My husband and I have been trying them out and are so pleased with the results they produce. These products aren’t just another bunch of face creams, they are vegan, cruelty free and just so much fun to use!

Here’s a demonstration video I created –

This is a skincare range which adapts to your needs. You decide what you put on your face, depending on your environment or mood. Maybe you’ve had a bad night’s sleep? Or your skin is feeling dry and tired? Or maybe you’re just looking for a little pick-me-up glow? Well there is a Bio Extract Booster to suit your every skincare need!

The Bio-Extracts Moisturisers

There are three moisturisers to choose from – Light, Normal and Rich. They contain the Bio-Extracts Lamellar System which is a system of natural ‘liquid crystals’ made to mimic the structure of your skin. It acts as a kind of ‘patch’ on the skin creating a barrier and preventing trans-epidermal water loss. As soon as the moisturiser touches the skin, it locks in hydration.

About the Creams

  • Light – For oily, problematic and combination skin and the hotter summer months. It is ultra-light and mattifying and contains natural rice-derived micro-particles.
  • Normal – For both day and night. This moisturiser is ultra-mild with pure Argan Oil. It is non-greasy and quickly absorbed into the skin.
  • Rich – For dry, very dry and mature skin and through the colder winter months. It contains Cupuacu Butter produced from seeds sourced from the Amazonian tree.

The Bio-Extracts Boosters


Described as ‘super-charged luxurious serums that deliver active plant molecules at exceptionally high concentrations’ these products are amazing! I have really enjoyed picking which boost I will mix with the moisturiser each day, depending on my needs or mood. Today I went for Lifting Boost AND Glow Boost with the Normal moisturiser.

There are boosts for age renewal, hydration, glow, skin problems such as enlarged pores and acne, and redness relief.


You can buy the Bio-Extracts @Home Lab range here and this link includes a £15 off Friend Code too – bonus!

Follow Bio-Extracts on Twitter – @Bio_Extracts and Instagram – @bioextractshomelab

Kerry x